Dr. Fong Yiu

Dr. Fong Yiu, a Celebrity of Chinese Traditional Medical and Medicine

杏林奇才 方耀博士

Dr. Fong Yiu, a Celebrity of Chinese Traditional Medical and Medicine


Dr. Fong Yiu, a famous Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong, enjoy high reputation in the traditional Chinese medicine circles, he was included in the Chinese Ministry of health in the development of Chinese medicine in China for 50 years. List of famous scientist in China, indeed is real up to its name well deserved.

I have the honour to recognize Dr. Fong Yiu for more than a decade, he gave me the impression that he is a respectable elder of residential, generous, forming many good friends, skillful physician, well-knowledge and broad-minded, intelligent and wise man. In the past decades, he has had opportunities to have ups and downs, both achievements and disappointments. Are experiencing successes and disappointments of temper, makes his way to success.

Lifelong commitment to Chinese medicine development

Ancient Chinese medicine practitioners known as "LangZhong", most of the division granted resettlement way of inheritance from father to son, there is no systematic, theory of traditional Chinese medicine and pharmacology. Of China for thousands of years, "herbalist" there are good and bad, so that Chinese medicine practitioners in Hong Kong has long been neglected, professional status did not receive the respect they deserve. Since the founding of new China,the Chinese profession, to be systemized the profound Chinese medicine, theory, combined with Western medicine complement each other, Chinese medical and medicine than before more complete and improved medical effects. Dr Fong Yiu medicine and clinical experience to have come from the Mainland, his medical practice in Hong Kong since the early great or blockage, called "musk fragrance of nature", with his "real" break after playing at, he did not own a "cheats" collection but Classes instead granted resettlement own learning experience, designed to promote Chinese medicine. He use his own savings to held the "Hong Kong International medical academic exchanges with combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicines and medical medicine outstanding contribution award in recognition of the General Assembly" in 1997, to promote exchanges between Chinese and Western medicine, collecting dozens of papers of the General Assembly, is the brainchild of experts no doubt, for the promotion of international medicine have far-reaching impact on the promotion international medicine.

Apply his benefits for the benefit of human health

Dr. Fong Yiu in Hong Kong to practice medicine for decades years of while, annually are will out time far to world around and the same circle for Exchange, stopped by the clinic treatment. Since he also remember one time in Japan as a patient treatment of stroke for local of people, when for the Japanese patient follow-up treatment at home, the next day had attracted whole village within has illness of villagers queued requirements unimaginably, again had day, even near villagers also came to, scenes moving. Dr. Fong Yiu is another moving "no category", even if there are individual endangered patients coming in for treatment, he not only does not reject medical, but also to try to heal, not one life lost. He had cured many international political celebrities, artists, celebrities, also has a large number of poor people benefit, part will also receive a free medical application.

There is pleasure of course unfortunate by the outbreaks of avian influenza in Hong Kong in January 1998, resulting in some Hong Kong people were dying, and finally need to kill all chickens in Hong Kong. Yingde tea plantation, in fact Dr. Fong Yiu worked in the seventies had similar outbreaks have occurred, he to some traditional Chinese medicine to cure all patients, there is no one person dead, even most of the chicken a few days after taking Chinese medicines to heal, healthy walk around again. He had to come to the interview with the South China Morning Post reporter offered, but after the newspaper reports is not affected by the attention or contact by Department of health officials, so he was very "be wronged and driven to death" worth of chickens. A few years ago, Viet Nam also occurred in the individual areas of avian influenza, and have a tendency to expand. Dr. Fong Yiu immediately contact with the Consulate General of Vietnam in Hong Kong, he privately donated some of the traditional Chinese medicine to treat the person to save poultry. Vietnam after the trial his traditional Chinese medicine, to control the disease within a short time. From this case that aroused Dr. Fong Yui the traditional Chinese medicine and herbs to flourish.

Met with Boucher in Beijing and become friends

“Fong Yiu Clinic” (now known as “China Traditional Medical Insitute”) since 1st October, 1972 has more than four decades. Dr. Fong Yiu treating the tens of thousands of patients, many of them become friends. Back to the forest to celebrate when 60 birthday wedding banquet, Dr. Fong Yiu, many "patient" came to power thanks to his habitat for humanity benevolence moving senses. During the party, an Unlimited also has the number of seats the foreign person to celebrate, they are all foreign diplomatic officials stationed in Hong Kong. Dr. Fong Yiu has so many diplomats friends, turned out to be "marginal" in Boucher (Richard A. Boucher). Saying in the late seventies, Dr. Fong Yiu went to travel to Beijing to the Beijing Hotel, dinner with friends, and their cuisine has long been in attendance, but the next table foreigners than they first came has still no service. He asked the waiters to handle this matter, and then, next table service began. Dr. Fong Yiu talked with next table foreigners, and knew that they worked in Consulate General in Hong Kong, which has one is Boucher, each other later more become friends. (Boucher from 1996 to 1999, back to Hong Kong, as Consul General of American Consulate General in Hong Kong, has worked as a spokesman for the White House after returning home. ) Last more than 10 years, Dr. Fong Yiu for the promotion of international friendship, organises a number of activities, such as "farewell dinner of diplomats" and even organized tours to the Mainland of China, each of these activities, he was invited to participate in the local business sector or other sectors, foreign diplomats stationed in Hong Kong to have more opportunities to communicate with local people. Today, Dr. Fong Yiu had also become "friend of the diplomats in Hong Kong"!

杏林奇才 方耀博士









自一九七二年十月一日「方耀診所」(現稱「中華中醫院」)至今已有四十載,方耀博士曾醫治過的病人數以萬計,其中有不少成為好友。回想慶祝方耀博士六十大壽喜宴時,筆者剛好也在場親眼目睹一眾「病友」湧躍上台感謝他的仁人仁術,場面感人。席間也有數十位外國人士到賀,他們都是外國駐港的外交官員。方耀博士之所以有那麼多外交官朋友,原來是「緣」於包潤石(Richard A. Boucher)。話說在七十年代末,方耀博士前往北京出差與朋友前往北京飯店晚飯,他們的菜餚早已到齊,但比他們先到的鄰桌外國人還一直沒有人招待,他「見義勇為」向飯店交涉,在他幫助下,鄰桌的菜餚便陸續送上餐桌,其後他與鄰座那班外國人交談才知道是來自美國駐香港總領事館,其中有一位便是包潤石,彼此後來更成為朋友。(包潤石於一九九六年至一九九九年重臨香江,出任美國駐港總領事,回國後曾擔任白宮發言人)。近十多年來,方耀博士為促進國際友誼,不時舉辦一些活動,例如「外交官送別餐會」、甚至組織前往中國內地旅遊等,每次這類活動,他同時也會邀請一些本地商界或其他界別人士前來參加,讓外國駐港外交官有多些機會與本地人士交流。時至今日,方耀博士已成為「外交官之友」!


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