2014 May

Petro Poroshenko, President of Ukraine

烏克蘭總統 波羅申科

封面故事 - Cover Story

Poroshenko how to save the desperate situation of Ukraine


外交連線 - Diplomatic Link

荷蘭駐香港總領事 莫尉峰 獻辭

Message from the Consul General of the Kingdoms of the Netherlands

以色列駐香港及澳門總領事 高史歌 獻辭

Message by Consul General of the State of Israel in Hong Kong and Macau


Reception on South African National Day 2014

歐洲日特刊 - Europe Day Supplement

歐洲日 - 民主,尚待完成的工作

Europe Day – Democracy is a constant work in progress

奧地利 文化底蘊深厚 經濟蓬勃興旺

Austria - Rich Culture with a dynamic and innovative economy

捷克 充滿魅力之國

Czech Republic – a country of many stories

匈牙利 – 景色醉人 投資商機佳

Hungary, a country of unique beauty and excellent investment opportunities in the heart of Europe

羅馬尼亞 新興的熱門旅遊目的地

Romania – an emerging tourism destination in Europe

Romania has largest annual economic growth in EU and in first quarter of this year

西班牙 – 世界第十三大經濟體

SPAIN: read on, you will end up coming


“Tasty Europe” – a cookbook inspires you to discover and explore the European food culture


Europe Day Reception in Hong Kong


Europe Day Reception in Macao

文化連線 - Culture Link

向展飛 – 正在冒起的年青設計師

Fei Heung – an emerging young conceptual designer

澳門連線 - Macao Link


葡總統席爾瓦兩度訪澳大 冀加強澳葡大學科研及葡語合作交流

Portuguese President Silva visits UM again, hopes to strengthen collaboration between Macao and Portuguese universities





會展連線 - Incentive and Exhibition Link


The Best of Bourgogne presents at Vinexpo Asia Pacific 2014

世界著名原產地命名的法屬馬提尼克冧酒 將參加二零一四年亞太區國際葡萄酒及烈酒展覽會

AOC Rum from Martinique to be (re)discovered at Vinexpo Asia-Pacific 2014


More than 65,000 Buyers Take in Gift and Printing Fairs Two Fairs Closed Following Successful Four-Day Runs


Cabinet de Curiosities: A journey into the heart of the finest EPV French Craftsmanship

消閒旅遊連線 - Leisure and Tourism Link

法國皇宮酒店HOTEL DU PALAIS奢華優雅皇室氣派

HOTEL DU PALAIS, Imperial Charm in an Exceptional Setting