Technomark: Constant innovation in the world of permanent marking

Fresh from the success of its patented MULTI4® concept, Technomark is introducing 2 new lines of marking equipment in 2012:

• The fully modular third-generation MULTI4® product range

• The new Flexmark™ 2-in-1 concept: a hand-held model for marking massive, bulky parts, and a combo model (fixed + portable) for marking parts of all types. Flexmark™ has been specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

These two new products are notable for their ease of use, intuitive operation, rugged construction, performance and power:

• A simple user interface with intuitive controls,

• High-definition colour screen,

• Icon-based navigation,

• New design,

• Rugged construction thanks to the use of aluminium cast parts,

• Enhanced marking speed of several characters per second,

• 40 MB of memory enough capacity for approximately 20,000 files,

• USB and Ethernet connections.

Technomark® has revolutionized the world of marking with its new MULTI4®* concept: 1 machine with 4 possible configurations!• Portable: for marking large and medium-sized parts and parts that are difficult to reach, • Bench: for marking small sized parts, • Combo: for marking parts of all kinds, • Integrated: for marking within an automated production line.Technological Intelligence

Technomark® offers smart marking thanks to its ground-breaking IDI®** (Intelligent Driving Impact) function, which provides a quality and security guarantee of marking. IDI® electronically compensates for any variation in distance between the part being marked and the marking tool. It offers an ideal solution for marking parts that are irregular in shape, surface condition.

Technomark equipment can be used to make quick, attractive markings on any type of material that can undergo deformation and has a hardness up to 63 HRC (plastic, aluminium, copper, bronze, brass, stainless steel, titanium, wood, glass, steel, treated steel, etc.).

Technomark® has successfully adapted to new demands and the latest standards in a host of industries.


The company designs, manufactures and sells permanent marking equipment that uses dot peen and scratching technology, through a network of more than 100 partners worldwide.

Starting as a manufacturer of standard marking equipments, Technomark now offers comprehensive solutions for industrial traceability.

It is currently expanding its expertise in three core strengths:

• Permanent marking uses electromagnetic dot-peen and pneumatic scratching technology,

• Reading and verifying in order to read Datamatrix codes and normed markings,

• Custom engineered and turn key solutions for developing marking and traceability solutions involving on a range of know-how: direct part marking, reading / verifying, database management.

With more than 7000 operating marking equipments worldwide, Technomark won confidence of customers from a wide range of industrial areas, including aeronautics, automotive, defence, nuclear technology, medical equipment, iron and steel...

For more information on company products or to belong to Technomark distribution network, please contact Technomark by phone at +33 (0) 4 77 22 25 91 or by e-mail at

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