意大利2011:盡享優質生活品味 各項活動精彩繽紛

Italy 2011: Quality & Lifestyle is made possible by Italy 2011 sponsor, Chiomenti Studio Legale, airline sponsor Cathay Pacific and individual event sponsors.


2011 Italian Film Festival: Pupi Avati Retrospective

This year, kindly sponsored by Italian cruise liner Costa Cruises, the chamber will feature a special selection of films directed by the popular Bolognese director, Pupi Avati, including his 2010 film “The Youngest Son” (Il Figlio Più Piccolo).

The Film Festival opens on Tuesday, June 7th, and will run for 5 additional nights at the Grand Cinema, Elements Mall, Kowloon MTR. The opening night film on June 7th is “The Youngest Son”. It will be preceded by a cocktail, at Joia Ristorante (Elements Mall). All films are in Italian with English subtitles.


“Anita Garibaldi”: Italian Unification 150th Anniversary Concert

To highlight the 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the cornerstone event of Italy 2011 will be an Italian concert based on Italy’s historic Unification as a single country in the year 1861.This event is kindly sponsored by Intesa San Paolo and Ferrari Logistics.

The singer Luisa Cottifogli will perform as Ana Maria de Jesus Ribeiro, also known as Anita Garibaldi. She will give a special perspective on Italy’s Unification process. The performance will also include a cello and guitar player.

Roman Baroque Sonatas Concert

Lorenzo Colitto and David Chung will perform for the first time together in Hong Kong as a violin and harpsichord duo, presenting a selection of Italian Baroque Sonatas.

This all-Italian repertoire concert is kindly sponsored by OM LOG (Asia) Ltd.

Lorenzo Colitto is an Italian baroque violinist with an international reputation. In Hong Kong he has collaborated with the Hong Kong City Chamber Orchestra. He has been a member of the “Europa Galante” ensemble directed by Fabio Biondi, with whom he recorded for Virgin-EMI. He has performed in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, South America, USA, Canada and Japan. From 1999 to 2000 he was the first violin in the “New York Collegium”. He has taught master classes in Europe, Australia and at the Hong Kong Academy of Arts.

Local Hong Kong harpsichordist David Chung has won international acclaim for his concerts in Europe, North America and Asia.


Dario Fo’s “We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!”

Italy 2010 introduced Hong Kong to Italian theatre last year with Luigi Pirandello’s Six Characters in Search of an Author. Following on from this resounding success, the Italian Chamber will present Dario Fo’s “Non Si Paga! Non Si Paga!”( “We Won’t Pay! We Won't Pay!”) in English translation.

The play is kindly sponsored by Fedrigoni Asia Ltd and DLA Piper and design support by DA & NABA.

Dario Fo’ is a Nobel Prize winning contemporary Italian playwright. We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay finds relevance in today’s global economic and financial crisis and we feel sure Hong Kong 2011 audiences can relate to the plight of the characters in this farce based on the self-reduction movement whereby people would take what they wanted from markets, only paying what they could afford or nothing at all!

Chef Eugenio Iraci, International Grand Stanford Hong Kong


A Tavola!

The Italian food promoton "A Tavola!" (Come to the Table!) was a great success during the 2009 and 2010 editions of “Italy: Quality and Lifestyle” and will be back by popular demand this year. “A Tavola!” will once again feature Italian chefs creating special menus in their restaurants incorporating their own particular regional Italian cuisine as part of a fixed price complete meal.

This event is kindly sponsored by Costa Cruises.

A Tavola details:From June 3rd to June 30th 2011The participating restaurants:

- Barolo (Calabria Region)

- Divino (Veneto Region)

- Domani (Friuli Venezia Giulia Region)

- Gaia (Lazio Region)

- Goccia (Campania Region)

- Grissini (Liguria Region)

- Isola (Siciliy Region)

- Joia (Emilia Romagna Region)

- La Piola (Piemonte Region)

- Osteria (Puglia Region)

- Spasso (Sardegna Region)

- The Mistral (Umbria Region)

- Va Bene (Lombardia Region)

- W52 (Toscana Region)

- Zeffirino (Trentino Alto Adige Region)

- 208 (Abruzzo Region)

Price: “A Tavola Set Dinner”: 488 HKD + 10% (includes 3 to 4 courses)

Joint Anniversary Cocktail with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

Since 2011 is also the 150th anniversary of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC), the chamber will hold a joint anniversary cocktail with the HKGCC at W52.


Italian Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition

An exhibition of the larger than life contemporary sculptures of Oriano Galloni will be held at the Koru Contemporary Art Gallery. This exhibition will feature sculptures as tall as 2.7 meters: a real WOW factor not to be missed!

Oriano Galloni combines the traditional marble carving techniques of his birthplace with contemporary sculpting materials and abstract forms, creating work that references Italy’s rich art history whilst also remaining fresh and innovative.

In his exploration of the soul, Galloni incorporates his signature renaissanceesque iconography into new, more experimental situations. His work recalls Michelangelo’s words “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free”.


Italian Car Day featuring Ferrari and Maserati at W Hong Kong

Celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, the Italian Chamber and the Ferrari Owners’ Club of Hong Kong will present an exhibition of sumptuous Ferrar cars at the entrance to the W Hotel on 19th June from 3.00 pm to sunset! After feasting your eyes on these beautiful Italian cars, come and join us for dinner at 7 pm at the Sing Yin Restaurant of the W Hotel. Tickets at 480 HKD ICC Members, 500 HKD non-members available from the Italian Chamber.

This event is kindly sponsored by Auto Italia.

One of Italian Restaurant in Hong Kong


文化交流項目計有:一、歌詩達郵輪2011意大利電影節。六月七日在九龍站圓方電影院開幕,為期六個晚上放映六部意大利電影;二、羅馬洛克奏鳴曲音樂會,六月五日在香港大學陸佑堂舉行,意大利藝術家Lorenzo Colitto與香港鍾裕森將首次一起在香港表演小提琴和古鍵琴二重奏;三、安尼塔加里波第夫人150周年紀念音樂會。六月十二日在香港演藝學院音樂廳舉行。歌手Luisa Cottifogli將扮演安妮塔加里波第夫人,並從特殊的角度展示意大利統一的過程;四、意大利現代雕塑展覽。由六月十七日至八月二十五日在香港仔Kuro Contemporary Art Gallery展出,意大利雕塑大師Oriano Gallon 運用當代雕塑物料和抽象的表達,並糅合了大理石雕刻技術,設計出一系列既能表現意大利豐富的藝術歷史,並能保留創新風格的作品。他在這次展覽更展出高約2.7米的雕塑,絕對不容錯過;五、意大利當代著名劇作家Dario Fo的作品「Non Si Paga!Non Si Paga!」(絕不付賬) 的英文版。該劇目將於六月二十九日至七月三日在灣仔香港藝術中心麥高利小劇場公演。此外,意大利美食享譽全球,一項名為「A Tavola!」 - 最佳意大利地區性美食活動將於六月三日至六月三十日在全港十六家頂級意大利餐廳同時舉行,屆時每間餐廳的主廚將會推介意大利多個地區的著名菜式,美食愛好者將可大快朵頤,不容錯過。

意港商貿交流亦是今年慶祝活動的重頭戲之一,二零一一年不單是意大利統一一百五十周年,亦是香港總商會建會一百五十周年,因此駐香港澳門意大利商會與香港總商會於六月十日合辦 – 聯合慶祝一百五十周年酒會,這不單是意港商界交流的一大盛事,而且還甚具歷史意義!

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