Beijing crepe restaurant

Beijing crepe restaurant opens in Hong Kong


Traditional Beijing crepe restaurant Mr Bing announced on January 10 that its first restaurant has opened in Central, introducing a local Beijing dish to Hong Kong and overseas people, especially to the large number of Mainland Chinese who are living and working in Hong Kong.

What also makes the restaurant special is its American founder, Mr Brian Goldberg, who studied in Beijing in 1998 and was so fascinated by the traditional "jianbing" (Chinese crepe) that he decided to create his own street crepe brand in Hong Kong. He plans to expand it to other cities in the region and globally where many Mainland Chinese live and work.

Located on Wellington Street in Central, Mr Bing is not only serving the traditional "jianbing" street crepe in a quick, hot, healthy and affordable way, but also offering additional toppings and creative combinations to expand beyond the basic traditional "jianbing" and cater to people in Hong Kong keen to try new food concepts.

Founder Mr Goldberg said that his brand will target the huge "offshore" crepe market of Mainland Chinese in cities across the region. "Hong Kong is a natural starting point given the number of Mainland Chinese who work and live here and the increasing number of Mainland visitors," he said. Potential places for Mr Bing's expansion would include Singapore, Macau, Taiwan, the US and Europe.

He added, "Making crepes requires a relatively small space, so it also gives us lots of flexibility in easily expanding in places such as MTR stations, airports and prime shopping malls, which customer traffic frequents."

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Andrew Davis, lauded the new concept of Mr Bing and said, "The story behind Mr Bing is interesting - an American who studied in Beijing sees the opportunity to introduce Chinese street food culture overseas. With the high number of international and Mainland Chinese visitors to Hong Kong, the city provides an excellent platform for Mr Bing to showcase its brand to the world."

About Mr Bing

Created by Mr Brian Goldberg, a Hong Kong-based, American-born fluent Mandarin speaker, Mr Bing is the first Beijing crepe store in Hong Kong to offer customers the quick, hot and affordable Asian street snack. Advised by one of the most established "jianbing" crepe operators in Beijing, Mr Bing combines traditional recipes and cooking techniques with fresh local ingredients. For more information, please visit

About Invest Hong Kong

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「老金煎餅」的獨特之處在於其創辦人Brian Goldberg是一位曾於一九九八年在北京進修的美國人,他於學習期間被當地的傳統煎餅深深吸引,決意在香港開設自家品牌的煎餅店,並打算擴展至其他海外內地人士聚居的亞洲城市。


「老金煎餅」創辦人Brian Goldberg表示,他會以內地以外的龐大煎餅市場為目標,特別重內地人士聚居的海外城市。他說:「香港有大量的內地人士工作及生活,而內地旅客訪港數字亦與日俱增,使香港成為我們絕佳的起步點。」該公司亦考慮拓展「老金煎餅」至其他合適地點,包括新加坡、澳門、台灣、美國及歐洲。




「老金煎餅」創辦人Brian Goldberg生於美國、居於香港及能操流利普通話,該店是全港首間的煎餅專門店,為食客提供快捷方便、新鮮熱辣及價格相宜的亞洲街頭小食。「老金煎餅」由全北京其中一間最享負盛名的煎餅營運商提供專業的意見,揉合傳統煎餅的配方及製作技術,配合本地新鮮的材料,製作地道的煎餅。如欲了解更多關於「老金煎餅」的資料,可瀏覽


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