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Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un and Guards Division


Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un Inspects Training Ground of Horse Riding Company of KPA

On the first morning of the New Year Kim Jong Un, supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, inspected a guards division of the Korean People’s Army on the first item of his official agenda. His inspection is now grabbing the attention of the international community.

Honoured Title

The Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division of the Korean People’s Army has performed brilliant military exploits.

When it was formed in August 1948 under the deep concern of President Kim Il Sung, the unit was a brigade. Two years later, when the Korean war was unleashed by the US imperialists on June 25, 1950, the then tank brigade advanced towards Seoul, the citadel of the enemy, and liberated it only three days after the outbreak of the war, hoisting the DPRK flag on top of the Capitol Building and declaring through the radio the liberation of Seoul.

KPA Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un Inspects Panmunjom

This was an event unprecedented in the world history of war, as it was the infantrymen that charged into the streets first and hoisted the flag of victory.

In high appreciation of the brigade’s feat, President Kim Il Sung promoted the brigade to the division and conferred on it the title of Seoul 105 Tank Division.

Later the unit registered brilliant war results in many other battles including the one to liberate Taejon, known as a model of modern encirclement.

Dumbfounded by the surging attacks of the tankmen of the division, the then brass hats of the Pentagon uttered that the division’s attacks were without formalities and that surprise attacks by the tanks and the infantry from different angles and with diverse scales and forms were elusive battles utterly different from the street warfare learnt from the tactics department of the US land forces.

The name of the 105 Tank Division has become widely known at home and abroad ever since.

Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un Goes Round Mangyongdae and Taesongsan Fun Fairs

Into an Invincible Guards Division

The 105 Tank Division has built up a high reputation as an invincible guards division under the leadership of Kim Jong Il.

On August 25, 1960, Kim Jong Il inspected the division, thus starting his Songun-based leadership, and always paid deep attention to its development.

One day in December 1996, when the fierce struggle was being waged to defend socialism from the challenging attacks of the imperialist allied forces led by the United States, he visited the division in spite of biting cold. While watching the tankmen under training he gave detailed instructions on the use of tanks and their tactics in the modern warfare and specified the orientation and ways of training the soldiers into competent tankmen. That day he made the rounds of barracks and mess hall to learn in detail the living conditions of the service personnel.

In May 1999 and on April 15, 2000 he visited the unit again to set forth tasks for strengthening and developing it.

Kim Jong Il inspected the unit again at the outset Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army Kim Jong Un Goes Round Mangyongdae and Taesongsan Fun Fairs of 2010. Despite the biting cold he saw for a long time the trainings of the tankmen driving their tanks forward like surging waves and smashing to pieces “the enemy’s positions”, and greatly encouraged them. That day he recalled that socialist Korea was able to win one victory after another, surmounting all difficulties and challenges of history, as it had such steel-like guards units as the Seoul Ryu Kyong Su 105 Guards Tank Division.

With the Strength of Songun

The inspection of the Korean supreme leader Kim Jong Un to the division as the first official visit after his assuming the supreme commandership of the KPA was a solemn declaration of his will to carry forward Kim Jong Il’s cause of Songun without the slightest vacillation.

On visiting the division he said to the commanding officers that as he offered the New Year greetings to Kim Jong Il lying in state in the Kumsusan Memorial Palace that morning, it seemed as if he could hear him telling him to visit the tank division, so he came there directly and that the mere mention of the tank division made him feel his character and warmth.

Kim Jong Un visits the family of Pak Sung Il, a worker of the City Beautification Office of the Central District, Pyongyang.

The image of Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un on that day was identical to those of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in their lifetime.

He acquainted himself with the combat preparedness of the unit and gave detailed instructions which would serve as the guideline for strengthening and developing the unit. He then examined the room temperature of the barracks and turned on a tap in the wash-cum-bath room, taking meticulous care of the living of the soldiers with paternal love. When posing for a photograph with the service personnel of the unit, he held the hands of the officers in his and, pulling them closer to his sides, said something in a whisper. It was indeed an emotional scene showing the image of the benevolent father and noble traits, the centre around which the Korean society has formed a great integral whole.

That day all the officers and men of the division with tears in their eyes chanted “Defend Kim Jong Un devotedly!” This is the reflection of the determination and will of not only the soldiers of the division but all the KPA service personnel to accomplish the socialist cause of Juche and the revolutionary cause of Songun pioneered by Kim Il Sung and carried forward by Kim Jong Il, firmly united around their Supreme Commander Kim Jong Un.

Socialist Korea will always achieve victory, displaying its strength of Songun.

Kim Jong Un Visits Statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il at Ministry of the People's Armed Forces

Source: Consulate General of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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