New Heart Rate solution for iPhone

The new « all-in one » Heart Rate solution for iPhone

Runware, French designer of innovative accessories for iPhone, iPod and iPad and designer of Runalyzer heartrate monitor, announces the release of its new "all in one" Sports Pack combining a new chest strap, the IPhone / iPad / iPod touch receiver and an armband to practise sport with pleasure.

As we all know, sport is good for health. The conclusion of a recent survey published on, a popular healthcare French website, is eloquent: 2 hours of sport per week do improve the well-being and have beneficial effects on hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, depression and life expectancy. However, one in two people do not know the benefits of physical practice.

The Runlyzer Sports Pack is a turnkey solution to make sport practise easier. It allows you to combine heart rate, real 'tachometer' of your body, with field data such as your route, distance, speed, altitude. The heart rate zones, very important for a healthy practise are provided. In addition, athletes are «coached» by voice announcements whose frequency is determined by themselves, alternating with their favorite music.

Olivier Pascal, Runware CEO said: "With this solution, we help people of three categories: casual athletes who want to be supported in their efforts, experienced riders who want to measure their performance to improve and finally those who want to keep in shape to live longer and better. "He adds: "Our strength is that we are compatible with dozens of applications of sports coaching and fitness available in the App Store, some of which are very popular".

Runalyzer Sport Pack for iPhone is available on Amazon shops worldwide for 109 USD. The Runware sports armband, prized for its comfort, can also

be purhased separately at a price of $29. Also available at all authorized dealers.


Runware is a French startup that designs, manufactures and markets high added-value smartphone accessories. Runware is certified by Apple to design Made For Iphone / Ipod / Ipad –MFI- devices.

Its first accessory, the Runalyzer, a heart rate monitor for iPhone launched in September 2011 is highly successful in Europe. Runware has many ongoing developments in the field of e-health, sport and leisure.

Runware is leader of DiabeTIC, a French national project bringing together manufacturers, hospitals, physicians and university scientists around a single solution to support diabetic patients. Runware is supported by Europe (FEDER program).


法國Runware公司專門為iPhone,iPod 和 iPad設計創新應用軟件,同時也設計了Runalyzer心跳頻率監控軟件。 日前,公司對外宣佈向市場推出全新的Runalyzer集成式體育套件,將一條心跳監控腰帶,一個iPhone接收器和一隻臂帶式的運動監控裝置組合在一起。



Runware公司董事長兼總經理奧利維埃•帕斯卡 (Olivier Pascal) 說:「有了這個方案,我們可以為三類人群提供幫助:一種是偶然進行體育鍛煉的人,他們想知道自己的運動量是多少;第二種是有經驗的長跑運動員,他們想知道自己的運動成績如何,以不斷提高自己的成績;第三種是想保持體型的人,從而活得更長久。」他還說:「我們的產品優點是可以與Apple Store當中買到的數十種體育運動教練和健康指導方案相容,其中有些方案是為大眾喜歡使用的。」



Runware是一家新成立的網絡公司,為手提電話設計、生產和銷售智能軟件。該公司獲得蘋果公司的MFi標籤,尤其為蘋果的iPhone,iPad 和 iPod touch設計通訊應用軟件。




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