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Established in 1989, Zhuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Zhuzhou the biggest tungsten carbide and its R&D, export base city in China. The company manufactures in various cemented carbide cutting tools and cermet cutting tools.

In last 20 years, the company has achieved development at a high speed. Through the introduction of the developed technologies from over sea and equipments imported with world top quality, the company has greatly improved its products quality. The company has been recognized a private high-technology enterprise by Zhuzhou Municipal People’s Government. The company sales hundreds of models of ISO standard cutting tools in China domestic market else well as the overseas include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, America, South America and Europe.

In addition to CNC turning inserts, milling inserts, and cermet cutting tools, the company produces in good at any customized tungsten carbide and cermet products.

Shuzhou Xinhua Cemented Carbide Industrial Co., Ltd. is aiming at being a world top range of the cutting tools enterprise. The company will always focus on the technology upgrading and management consummated. The company is insisting on the principle of “Quality-First, Reputation First” and their products and services are welcomed by customers.

Since the early 1990s, “Xinhua company” mainly start to supply cemented carbide inserts to the most of fast growing up manufacturers in die & mould industrial in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The face milling insert was the company's main product at that time, as a biggest production base in the world, Dongguan had a large scale of machinery manufacturing and mold manufacturing, rapid demand growth for the metal processing. However it is very expensive price of the world's top brands for cemented carbide cutting tools, few of government-owned manufacturers in China were not having good cost performance for cemented carbide inserts which could be accepted by that market. To seize the opportunity, through the development of the equipment and technology, after 10 years in improvement of the quality and variety of products has won the majority of carbide inserts end users affirmed. “Xinhua company” sales carbide inserts to end-user in the Guangdong market occupied about 30%, and the customer base in the die & mould industry accounted for more than about 50%, there are more than 300 customers as end-users we sell every month in the country.

In the recent years, the company is more focused on the technology of improve the quality of the finishing process for cemented carbide inserts. Since the company purchased and introduction of German 5 axis CNC grinding machine center, the rapid increased in the manufacture of non-standard carbide insert product, the insert now can be at precision of grinding to achieve ISO A-level standard, the more types of inserts are also being produced. Furthermore, the company is currently addition to cemented carbide, more on the metal-ceramic (cermet) production technology has reached a quite developed and stable level. As one of the few cermet cutting tools manufacturers, our quality has remained in the forefront. With the development of the machining industry, finishing processing of super-hard materials is an advanced science at this moment. A great prospect for the development of new features of cermet inserts to work with the super-hard metal of finishing processing. Cermet materials part to win the PCD (Poly diamond) insert market, PCD inserts performed well at the finished high processing super-hard materials, but due to the unite price of the PCD insert is too high, once the operator using the insert improperly, it is increased costs of the actual production in the finished product. The unite price of the cermet insert is much lower,it ca be accpeted by more range of the customers in market. The combination of the cermet production technology and precision of grinding technology the company owed both are launched a series of new varieties inserts in bearing industry of cermet insert on the use of the bearing manufacturer in Zhejiang Province achieved a new success.

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