Korean Cotton Mesh

Korean Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element welcomed by Consumer

The Cotton Mesh Heating Material is an epoch-making material radiating heat through the electrodes, which have been done their finishing coating works in a vacuum condition, after weaving the Cotton in a lattice shape, utilizing PE, PET and Urethane, and then by twinning it with carbon.

When the anode wire of the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element is connected to the power source, a large number of infrared rays are emitted. These infrared rays are penetrated deep into our body, and shake the molecules in our body more than approx. 2,000 times per minute, and thereby generate heat by itself.

Dependant upon the purpose of their use, the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Elements are available in various specific types such as the one designed for heating buildings, and also the one used for heating beddings such as a hot mattress and hot pad, etc., thus they have been produced in such a way that the products can be applied for a wide range of purposes.

In addition, as the product which has been developed by resolving the electrical problems with heating wires and heating films those seen with the existing other products and also by improving safety aspects and durability remarkably, which has been resulted in extending its lifetime semi-permanently and saving heating bills considerably, thereby the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element has been proved to be very economical as well.

Standard and Resources

Weaving the cotton thread and twinning it with carbon and also by having it undergo through the process of insulation coating, the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element product can be produced with having diversified features by each different product, ranging from film heating device used for heating buildings, and loess frame type heaters for beddings of a hot mattress and sauna items besides for those products designed for domestic demand produced in 220V and those of 100V for export. It should also be noted that it can be safely used in a place having many cushions where the existing radiating elements were not able to be applied, thus it deserves to be called the heating system of the oncoming generation.

Product Special Features

1. Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element Developed for the first time in the world

Through having the process of weaving the cotton into a lattice shape, twinning it with aqueous carbon and performing insulation coating, the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element emits a large amount of the radian heat of the far-infrared, and therefore, heating and warming can be achieved, while the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and presents pleasant warming.

2. Able to be applied to all the Products Used for Generating Heat

The Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element can be applied to all the products those used for generating heat such as a film heating device for heating buildings, beddings of beds and pads, sauna and hot packs, and also for any products require to have a heating generating element such as a agricultural dryer or industrial products requiring a high temperature-radiating element. It can be produced in various sizes according to the size of weaving, and also available in different kinds of products based on the carbon content, ranging from law temperature-radiating elements to those of high-temperature ones.

3. Emitting 91.0% of Far-Infrared Rays (Certified by Korea Institute of Construction Materials)

The carbon, which is composed of the property of charcoal, is the main component of the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element, and from this a large amount of far-infrared rays is emitted, and when it does so, the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays is create. With the radiant heat such heating and warming are achieve – this is the principal of its heating. Moreover, the far-infrared rays, being the kind of the sunlight wavelength, penetrate deep into the skin and shake the cells so that they are revitalized, and thereby it helps promote metabolism, prevent aging, and activate blood circulation and cellular tissues.

4. It’s the Environmentally Friendly Product that Uses the Clean Energy

Instead of using chemical fuels such as coal or kerosene, particularly in

this era of high oil prices, it uses electricity-the clean energy, therefore, it’s the heating system that helps maintain the environment clean and pleasant without generating any smoke, noise or smell. While it has no concern of having winter ruptures, there’s no need of maintaining a boiler room, taking a trouble of replacing a briquette or refilling of fuels, thus it can be used very conveniently.

5. Its Installation can be done easily and economically

It’s installation cost is cheap as it requires no a high-unit priced plumbing work to do or a boiler needs to be installed while it takes less maintenance cost thanks to its excellent thermal efficiency. Also its installation method is very simple as it allows the installation time shortened because the heat-radiating element is to be installed on an existing concrete floor after just laying down insulation materials on it. At the same time, space heating of the area can be achieved due to the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays.

6. Its Lifetime is Semi-Permanent

Because a molding coating method is applied in producing the product, the coating can be carried out in a vacuum condition, and therefore it is not oxidized nor hardened in a hot temperature and for this reason, its lifetime can be prolonged allowing the use of the product semi-permanently. Besides, in order to preclude the changes of having factors of defects, such as the risk of having sparks due to breakage of insulation caused by cracking of the coatings or by air layers formed, we are producing our Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element with performing molding coatings in the mesh-net form of a latticing shape, thus its safety and durability can be strengthened as well.

The Film Heating Device has been designated as an Excellent Product for its supply to the Supply Administration.

For the first time in the business field of a film heating device, our technology and quality has been recognized by the Supply Administration and thus the Film Heating Device can be used by the government and public offices and state-run organizations for heating of their facilities.

Hence, you may have a chance of seeing the Film Heating Device at the government place of the Supply Administration from now on.

The Energy-Efficient Heating by Using New Well-Being Material

Contrarily to the existing underfloor-heating room or other normal heating devices which transmit heat only to the floor, the sunlight system of the Film Heating Device is the heating system that allows the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays penetrates deep into the skin so that the warmth can be felt by all over the body.

The far-infrared rays shake minutely the molecules in our body more than 2,000 times per minute thereby generates heat, and through such vibrations the cellular tissues are activated and promote blood circulations are promoted, and it also helps the toxic substances and wastes are discharged from the body more efficiently.

For the heating system utilizing the Film Heating Device, it’s very easy and safe to install it, and using the system is economical because its thermal efficiency is good. Also it has been proved to be an environmentally friendly heating system, for it uses electricity that does not create any environmental pollution.

Nature, Human body and Environmentally Friendly-New Sleeping Condition, the Orientaldream Hot Mattress!

The Hot Matress of Orientaldream is the well-being mattress, produced by utilizing the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element, which has been developed by us for the first time in the world, and therefore, you can enjoy the warmth very conveniently for sure.

The rich far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin and not only it provide you with the warmth but also help promote circulation of the blood and speed up metabolism, thus it shows various effectiveness in anti-skin aging and preventing various adult diseases such as skin aging and chronic fatigue, etc.

For the conventional Hot Mattress for which we were not able to incorporate the heating wire due to the cushion of a spring, we now have developed the safe and practicable Hot Mattress equipped with the Cotton Mesh Hot Radiating Element that show flexible features of excellent durability additionally.

DC Temperature Controller

1. Realized the dreamy Temperature Regulator of a DC power system with eliminating concerns regarding electromagnetic waves.

It’s known that the existing electrical products have harmful effects on the human body due to the issue of electromagnetic waves. For this reason, have developed the DC power source system which has been resolved the problems with electromagnetic waves completely, which in turn enabled development of the well-being product that have no electromagnetic waves.

2. Discharge of More than 1 million Negative Ions

Negative ion helps purify the blood, overcome fatigue, promote physical strength, purify air, remove dust, and shows the effectiveness of sterilization, etc. while the DC temperature regulator does not create ozone but incorporated with the function of emitting negative ions for more than one million in quantity.

3. Function of Separated Heating in Left and Right

In case of a mattress for 2-person use, it has the function of using the hot mattress separately by its left and right side so that different temperature can be set that may have been selected by each user to his or her preference, and when it is used by one person, then the power only for the side of the mattress that is to be used can be turned on in order to economize in electric power.

4. 12-hour Timer Function

If the mattress has not been use for more than 12 hours, the power goes off automatically in case the user goes out of doors with leaving the mattress turned on so that the user can use the product safely.

Far-Infrared Rays will wrap all of your body warmly

Using natural loess and far-infrared rays cotton mesh heat radiating element in constructing the Loess Fomentation-Room it discharges a large amount of the far-infrared rays as with negative ions, they help push out of sweat and wastes from deep our skin and present warmth at the same time.

With the Loess Fomentation-Room built with loess heating panels those have been made with the natural loess, equipped with a built-in Far-Infrared Rays Cotton Heat Radiating Element, which has been developed for the first time in the world, a Sauna of high efficacy and practicability and elegant looking can be constructed by performing its interior finishing work with cypress (hinoki) wood.

Product Special Features

Summary of Loess Cotton Heat Radiating System

Loess Cotton Heat Radiating System (Patent Pending No. 10-2007-0073803)

1.Being a system designed to have heat produced from the built-in heat radiating element incorporated into the loess panel, which has been made using natural loess, eleven and germanium, etc. As an environmentally friendly material, the loess emits highly efficient far-infrared rays when it is heated, and these far-infrared rays help make the interior space not only a pleasant but also a place of optimum atmosphere by the far-infrared rays thanks to its effects of purifying the air, regulating the humidity degree and sterilizing action as with the color indigenous to the loess.

2.The Cotton Heat Radiating Element is made by having the carbon liquid, that has been applied with the most advanced nanotechnology, twinned into the cotton thereby a large amount of far-infrared rays are emitted, and the radiant heat of the far-infrared rays generated during the process penetrate deep into our skin and shake the body cells approx. 2000 times per minute, which therefore, perform action of promoting blood circulation and body metabolism, respectively.

3.By building the interior of the Loess Cotton Fomentation-Room with cypress wood, etc., it looks very graceful internally, and due to the phytoncide created, not only users can find the place more cheerful but also good for healing heir stress. As reported, the unique substance of phytonicide is discharged from the phyton plant and comprises the resisting power against bacteria. The reason that we feel pleasant when we enter into the woods is due to the phytoncide discharged by the trees in the woods.

It is the Far-Infrared Well-Being Red Pepper Drying Mat which has been produced applying the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiation Element (Patent No. 479509) that emits 91% of far-infrared rays.

When red papers are dried by far-infrared rays, the drying is made starting from inside the papers so that they are kept distended but not shrunken and having more weight, and therefore their exterior appearance are maintained in good shape and outstanding color, and for this reason, the high quality of dried red papers can be produced.

Being a mat method, it can be used and moved easily by anybody, and all the agricultural products which require to be dried such as grains of rice, sesames, brackens, mushrooms and medicinal herbs besides the red peppers.

Have Direct and Actual Experience of the Warmth Provided by Natural Loess and Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element

Far-Infrared Ray Loess Cotton Fomentation-Room

By incorporating a built-in far-infrared rays cotton mesh heat radiating element into the Fomentation Device which has been made out of natural loess, it doubles the warmth and far-infrared rays discharged.

It also increases the effectiveness of fomentation having the waves of far-infrared rays penetrate deep into the skin.

It can be easily applied to the portion of the waist, abdomen and shoulders, etc.

Product Special Features

The Hot Fomentation Device designed for the multiple purpose use that can be used at anytime and anywhere.

Able to be used for all over the body such as for shoulders, back, waist, abdomen and legs, etc.

For being convenient to be carried by anyone, it can be used anywhere and at anytime as desired for.

The Well-being Fomentation Device rich with far-infrared rays

The Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element developed by ourselves emits far-infrared rays of 91%

The strong far-infrared rays, discharged by the Heat Radiating Element, present warmth deep into the skin.

The far-infrared rays show excellent effects in promoting blood circulation and body metabolism.

The more strengthened function by adoption of the Loess Ball.

It has realized the loess floor in ancient times by putting the Heat Radiating Element on top of the loess.

The loess far-infrared rays and negative ions have distinctive effects in improving user’s physical condition.

Built with soft materials in the design of new concept.

Through using PU fabrics, it enables user to feel its softness and touch with fashionable feelings.

What is far-Infrared Rays?

Far-Infrared Rays mean the infrared rays having the longest wavelength. The infrared rays are the kind having a greater thermal action due to its longer wavelength compared to that of the visible red sphere. The infrared rays having a short wavelength are called as near infrared. The far-infrared rays feature that it is invisible, well absorbed by water, and having a strong resonance and consonance actions against an organic compound.

Owing to the natural character of light that its reflection is made well when its wavelength is short and well absorbed when its wavelength is long, its penetration is made powerfully so that our body gets warmth when it is exposed to the far-infrared rays. For example, we don’t feel the warmth when we are in the water of 30℃, but we can feel the warmth when we are exposed to the sunlight of the same degree. This is because of the far-infrared rays that make heat when they penetrate deep into the skin.

Efficacy of Far-Infrared Rays

The far-infrared rays are helpful in eliminating bacteria and in promoting circulation of blood by expanding blood vessels and in creation of cellular tissues. In addition, if they are in contact with moisture and molecules of protein those forming body cells, it vibrates the cell minutely for about 2,000 times per 1 minute thereby prevents cells from being aged by revitalization of them, and also it helps speed up metabolism, therefore, it shows the effects for preventing various adult diseases such as chronic fatigue, etc.

Besides, because it has been proved to be effective in promoting perspiration, metabolism, mitigation of pain, removal of heavy metals, for sound sleeping, deodorization, anti-bacteria action, and prevention of propagation of molds, dehumidification and purification of air and so forth, they are used in various fields such as for dwelling houses, kitchen utensils, clothes, beddings, medical instruments and fomentation rooms, etc.

Sterilization Function of Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element

As the result of a test conducted by Korea Institutes for Construction Materials in order to examine the sterilization function of the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element, it has shown a reduction of 83.3% of bacteria for the case of Escherichia coli ATCC 25922 and a reduction of 87.2% for the case of Staphylococus aureus ATCC 6538, after lapse of one (1) from turning on the electric switch of the Cotton Mesh Heat Radiating Element.

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