Kim Jong Un’s Personality and His Smile


Marshal Kim Jong Un Guides Consultative Meeting of Officials in Fields of State Security and Foreign Affairs

The world media frequently report the activities of Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. What draws the particular attention is his smiling image.

His smile represents his fatherly affection for the Korean people.

He treats everyone with a bright smile. Whoever he meets, soldiers or civilians, he embraces them in his arms with a broad smile on his face. Sometimes he walks hand in hand with them and other times gives them advice on various matters related with their work and life. When he meets children he pats them on their cheeks and listens to their whispers unceremoniously. He has souvenir photographs taken arm in arm with ordinary soldiers and people. When he visited a women’s coastal artillery company he had a photograph taken with each of the scores of the company members, who were reluctant to part from him. All these are a clear testimony to his love and affection for the Korean service personnel and people.

His friendly manner is not all that shows his personality as the great father of the people.

Emphasizing that the people’s interests should be considered to be absolute and foremost priority, he devotes his all for them. Once he wrote “Let us serve the people!” on a report submitted to him. When he visits newly-built structures he first asks whether the people, the end users, like it or not, and stresses that things that will be used by the people should be convenient and flawless.

Marshal Kim Jong Un provided field guidance to the Changjon Primary School

As he is possessed of such lofty love for the people, he always treats them with a benevolent smile.

His smile also represents his confidence that it will not be long before he builds Korea into a thriving socialist country.

He said that it is a firm determination of the Workers’ Party of Korea to ensure that the Korean people do not have to tighten their belts again, but enjoy all the benefits of socialism.

This is a manifestation of his unshakable faith and will to turn Korea into a prosperous country without fail by channelling the greatest effort into the improvement of the people’s living standards and the building of an economic giant.

The Korean people identify the prosperous future of their country in the smiling image of Kim Jong Un who leads the effort to build a thriving country full of confidence. Upholding his leadership they have achieved successes one after another in the building of an economic giant full of confidence in sure victory.

The construction of the large-scale Huichon Power Station was completed and Changjon Street composed of modern apartment buildings up to 45 stories was reconstructed in downtown Pyongyang. The Rungna People’s Pleasure Park, the Ryugyong Health Complex, the People’s Open-air Ice Rink, the Roller Rink, the Thongilgori Fitness Centre and the Pyongyang Folk Park were built for the promotion of the cultural and emotional life of the people. And many structures conducive to the people’s living are under construction in various parts of the country.

Now in Korea the term “the industrial revolution in the new century” is symbolic of the building of an economic giant. Numerous factories and enterprises have been equipped with cutting-edge technology and facilities and noticeable successes made in several sectors including bioengineering, IT, and communications and nano technologies.

Marshal Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Changjon Street Nearing Completion

Smile of Kim Jong Un represents his confidence in final victory in the showdown with the imperialists.

The Korean people are faced with challenging tasks to safeguard the country’s sovereignty by smashing the tenacious moves of the US and its allied forces to stifle the DPRK and reunify their country by putting an end to the national division which has lasted nearly 70 years due to the schemes of foreign forces. It is Kim Jong Un who stands at the forefront of the severe showdown with imperialism.

In the speech he made at the military parade in celebration of the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung in April 2012 Kim Jong Un inspired Korean people with courage by saying “Forward towards final victory!” In his speech delivered at the banquet in celebration of the 52nd anniversary of the commencement of the Songun-based revolutionary leadership by Chairman Kim Jong Il (August 25, 1960) he stated: “Comrades, let us be confident of victory. A bright future lies before our people.”

Rungra People's Pleasure Ground Opens in Presence of Marshal Kim Jong Un

When the US and south Korea were staging a hazardous joint military rehearsal Kim Jong Un went to islet-defending units at the hottest spot to inspect them on a small wooden ship without guards. At that time his composure and courage deeply impressed the people all over the world.

On that day he ordered the KPA to immediately launch an annihilating counter offensive and lead it to an all-out campaign for the reunification of the country if the enemy dare to drop a single shell in the territory or territorial waters of the DPRK. Then he reviewed the operational plan for this and put the final signature on it.

As long as the Korean people are led by such a great man as Kim Jong Un, only brilliant victory is in store for them.

Source: Consulate General of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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