Impregnable Military Fortress


Impregnable Military Fortress

The General Kim Jong Il

On April 9, 1993, Kim Jong Il was elected the Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. His election 18 years ago provided a fundamental guarantee for the DPRK's might as an impregnable military power.

Chairman Kim Jong Il has strengthened the Koeran People's Army (KPA) into elite armed forces.

He continuously inspected the KPA units so as to develop the army, the mainstay of the self-defensive military power. His inspection trips covered the Panmunjom post on the Military Demacration Line, which stands face to face to the enemy, a frontline post on Height 1211, and remote posts on mountains as well as the post on Cho Islet in the West Sea of Korea, to which he went braving raging storms. The trips he made were the key factor in thoroughly preparing the KPA as armed forces strong in ideology and faith, as armed forces determined to defend the country, the people and socialism unto death.

He paid deep attention to intensifying military training and political education in the KPA units while improving material and cultural standards of life of the service personnel. He visited the units of all arms and services one after another to inspect in person their military and political training. In the course of this, he taught them how to crush the enemy's attempts of pre-emptive strike and wipe them out at a stroke, thus training them into a-match-for-a-hundred combatants who are prepared for both defence and attack. Saying that the Superme Commander exists for the soldiers, not vice versa, he has taken meticulous care of their living conditions as their fathers would do. Such warm and scrupulous affection of the Superme Commander Kim Jong Il, who regards the soldiers as his own sons and daughters, has closely rallied the entire army around him, forming an integrity of single-hearted unity.

He has given fuller play to the army-people unity, a traditional trait of the Korean society. Under his leadership the DPRK has greeted an eye-opening reality of the great army-people unity that has achieved oneness of ideology and workstyle at the highest level. And this great unity of the army and the people is enhancing the invincible might of the KPA.

Kim Jong Il has given top priority to military affairs over all other affairs of the state, and created an atmosphere relevant to it throughout society so that the whole country has turned into an impregnable fortress.

He has attached great significance to civil defence work in enhancing the country's defence capabilities. To this end he saw to it that all the people carried out military and political training in the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Young Red Guards with a hammer or a sickle in one hard and a rifle in the other, even in the difficult situation created in the late 20th century.

Every part of the country, to say nothing of strategic points in the frontline and the rear, was fortified to cope with modern warfare to be fought without distinction of the frontline and the rear. In keeping with wide introduction of cutting-edge technologies into military hardware, the Korean civilians have acquired military knowledge and information required for effectively dealing with the enemy's information-gathering and striking means such as spy satellites and cruise missiles.

His energetic leadership in the civil defence affairs has fully prepared all the people, regardless of sex and age, to turn out as one in defence of the country, and turned the country into an impregnable fortress capable of safeguarding every inch of its territorial sky, waters and land with honour from any surprise pre-emptive strike and attack by modern military hardware of the enemy.

Kim Jong Il has the defence industry built up so that material and technological foundations for a self-defensive military giant were laid out.

He put forth a line of economic construction, which ensures preferential development of the defence industry and simultaneously accelerates the development of light industry and agriculture. It has greatly spurred the defence industry of the DPRK as required by the present times.

Even in the 1990s when the country was suffering economic difficulties, the workers in the defence industry, bearing in mind the dictum of their leader that they can live without candy but not without bullets, maintained the munitious production on a normal track and kept their quality up. In the new century the country has introduced modern and information-based technologies into its defence industry in conformity with the IT era, thus augmenting the relevant factories with cutting-edge technologies and further developing defence science and technology. As a result, state-of-the-art weaponry and other military hardware for modernizing the army and arming all the people have been developed and their qualities improved.

The defence industry of the DPRK has been enhanced to such a standard that it can manufacture military hardware powerful enough to frustrate any moves of aggression of the imperialists boasting of their high military technology and to shatter their strongholds. The country has also prepared its nuclear deterrent against the imperialist nuclear threats.

Under the leadership of Chairman Kim Jong Il the DPRK will add more brilliance to its dignity as an invincible military power no enemy, however formidable, dare challenge.

Source : Consulate General of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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