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The Year 2011 and prospect of Korea's Building of a Thriving Nation

President Kim Il Sung (Left) and General Kim Jong Il

"Bring about a decisive turn in the improvement of the people's standard of living and the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country by accelerating the development of light industry once again this year!" - this is the slogan of the Korean people publish in the New Year's joint editorial of Rodong Sinmun, Joson Inmingun and Chongnyon Jonwi, leading newspapers of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

The joint editorial of the year 2011is run through with a stronger faith and higher confidence than ever before. It is clearly evidenced by such expressions as "a year of new prosperity," "a year of general offensive, when a radical turn should be brought about in the building of a thriving nation." "Korea does what it is determined to do," and "The gates of final victory are in sight.

Noteworthy in the joint editorial is that it has set forth a task of raising the people's standard of living to the level appropriate to a great, prosperous and powerful country and appeared to the whole country to give top priority and concentrate everything to the sector of light industry.

The year 2011, the DPRK's joint editorial notes, is a year of light industry.

In recent year the country has built modern light-industry factories, splendid producers of consumer goods serving as models in the new century at great cost. Last year alone there have been newly built or reconstructed in Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK, such factories as the women's hosiery workshop at the Pyongyang Hosiery Factory, Pyongyang Flour Processing Factory, Pyongyang Cornstarch Factory and Sonhung Foodstuff Factory. This year they will keep their production running at a high level and turn out in large amounts goods competitive on the world market.

This country also plans to to direct continuous efforts to putting the production of consumer goods on a modern, scientific basis, while pressing ahead with the upgrading of light industry, not partially but in an all-round way, not on an ordinary standard but on a standard of cutting edge, and with a sight set far ahead into the future. The upgrading of light industry will be carried on effectively by employing the finish-one-by-one method.

Upholding the torch of a revolution in local industry General Kim Jong Il kindled while visiting Changsong in a mountainous, northwestern area in November last year, a nation-wide campaign will be launched to put the local-industry factories on a modern basis and run them at full capacity by tapping all the locally available raw materials. Under prevailing circumstances in which shortage of raw materials is impeding the global economic development, the DPRK's efforts to bolster up their local industry by fully relying on domestic materials and resources are catching particular attention of the international community.

It is also evident in this country that public and nation-wide concern for light industry designated as a major front in this year's general offensive is being heightened. It is expected that eye-opening successes will be brought about in the sector of light industry this year.

The joint editorial of DPRK is linking the matter of conducting a full-scale offensive in the overall economic front directly with that of improving the people's standard of living.

The Worker's Party of Korea call upon the official and working class in the vanguard sectors of the national economy, the sectors of basic of industry, to become the starting fire in making the flames of the great upsurge flare up more fiercely in improving the people's standard of living.

The leading sectors of the economy, such as coal-mining, electric-power, metal and chemical industries and railway transport, will concentrate their efforts to consolidate their material foundations and boost production, thus lending powerful stimulus to the improvement of the people's standard of living.

The agricultural sector will drastically boost unit-area grain yield by thoroughly implementing the Party's policies of seed revolution, double cropping, revolution in potato farming and soybean farming, and actively introducing advanced farming methods and techniques including organic farming. State investment in this sector will also be increased radically.

The joint editorial put forward the task of accelerating to the maximum the construction of the Huichon Power Station, the coal gasification project in Hunganm, the construction of 100, 000 flats in Pyongyang and other major construction projects which are being set up as monumental structures for people's happiness.

It was set as important way to hasten the speed of the development of the overall economic construction that all sectors should surpass in the shortest time the scientific and technical standards the world has reached and stand in the van of the age of knowledge economy, on the basis of experience of having secured supermacy in the CNC technology. It was also stressed that the principle of self-reliance should be applied thoroughly and economic management be undertaken in a scientific and profitable way and in line with the socialist principles.

Besides, this year will witness greater efforts being made to spruce up the overall looks of the country as appropriate to a thriving nation in the sectors of education, art and literature, public health, the sports, land development and city management.

In general, the DPRK has demonstrated its will through the joint editorial to hold fast to the improvement of the people's standard of living as the most important issue, the highest goal of its struggle.

As it has already secured the position as a politico-ideological and military power, it will be called in name and reality a great, prosperous and powerful nation if it becomes an economic giant and improves its people's standard of living. The Korean people have already declared that they will open the gates of a thriving nation within 2012, the centenary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung, founding-father of socialist Korea.

Their building of a thriving nation has entered a decisive stage. It is reflected in the Koreans' slogan in the joint editorial, "Bring about a decisive turn in the improvement of the people's standard of living and the building of a great, prosperous and powerful country by accelerating the development of light industry once again this year!"

Source : Consulate General of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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