Vibrant Japan

The “Vibrant Japan” Exhibitions in China


1. A comprehensive, wide-ranging and large scale exhibition, entitled “Vibrant Japan”, which is also the highlight of the Japanese government’s “Vibrant Japan” campaign in China, will be held in the following 3 cities:

(1) Beijing from Thursday 16 – Sunday 19 February

(2) Shanghai from Friday 17 – Sunday 26 February (*tentatively)

(3) Hong Kong from Friday 23 – Tuesday 27 March (*tentatively)

2. The pop group AKB48 have been appointed as the official supporters of the “Vibrant Japan” campaign and will therefore perform at all three of the above-mentioned “Vibrant Japan” exhibitions.

The “Vibrant Japan ” Campaign in China

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan received a great deal of practical and emotional support from China. However, harmful rumours about Japanese products are still prevalent. The Japanese Government therefore decided to organize the “Vibrant Japan ” campaign in China, which was launched at the China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in October 2011. The intention of the “Vibrant Japan” campaign is to present exhibitions, trade fairs and tourism-related promotional events, to reassure people about the safety of Japanese products, and make a case for the strengths of “ Vibrant Japan”.

Details about the “Vibrant Japan” exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong .

(1) the “Vibrant Japan” exhibition in Beijing

Venue: China World Exhibition Hall

Opening Ceremony: Thursday 16 February, 2012

Exhibition Period (for the public): Friday 17 – Sunday 19 February

(2) the “Vibrant Japan” Exhibition in Shanghai

Main venue: Shanghai Mart

Exhibition Period (for the public): from Friday 24 – Sunday 26 February

(The opening ceremony will be held at the Garden Hotel of Shanghai, on 23 February, 2012.)

Sub-venue 1: Super Brand Mall, open to the public from Friday 17 – Wednesday 22 February (*tentatively)

Sub-venue 2: West Gate Mall, open to the public from Monday 20 – Sunday 26 February (*tentatively)

(3) the “Vibrant Japan” Exhibition in Hong Kong

Venue: Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre (KITEC)

Opening Ceremony: Friday 23 March, 2012

Exhibition Period (for the public): from Friday 23 – Tuesday 27 March (*tentatively)

※At each exhibition venue there will be: an Exhibition Zone for prefectural governments, a Visit Japan booth, a Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and Japanese Business Zone, a Taste of Japanese Food Zone, and a Performance Stage Zone, etc., and each zone will promote a different aspect of “Vibrant Japan”.

The “Vibrant Japan” exhibitions taking place in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong are part of a series of events being held to mark the 40th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. The opening ceremony for the“Vibrant Japan”exhibition in Beijing will take place at the same time as the opening ceremony for 2012: “Friendship Year for Japan-China People-To-People Exchanges”.

Source: Consulate General of Japan in Hong Kong


1. 作為「活力日本」活動重點綜合性的大型活動,日本政府將在以下3個城市舉辦「活力日本」展。

(1)北京 2月16日(週四)~19日(周日)

(2)上海 2月24日(週五)~26日(周日)(暫定)

(3)香港 3月23日(週五)~27日(週二)(暫定)

2. 為舉辦中國「活力日本」活動和「活力日本」展,外務省將偶像組合AKB48命名為「活力日本」啦啦隊。AKB48將作為「活力日本」啦啦隊,在中國3個城市的「活力日本」展上進行演出。(北京:2月17日20:00~21:00、2月18日11:00~12:00、上海:2月26日15:30~15:50、16:30~16:50、香港:3月26日、3月27日)

















※在各個展覽會場,設有都道府縣(日本地方政府)展區、Visit Japan展區、日本貿易振興機構(JETRO)・日本企業展區、日本料理試食區、Cool JAPAN Stage等展區,是一次展現日本的活力與魅力的綜合性宣傳活動。



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