Celebrate Argentina!

“Celebrate Argentina!” Wines of Argentina 2013 Asia Tour – Hong Kong

「Celebrate Argentina!」 WINES OF ARGENTINA 2013 亞洲巡迴展

Wines of Argentina (WofA), the organization responsible for the image of Argentine wine worldwide, is proud to present “Celebrate Argentina!” Asia Tour 2013 (Hong Kong) on 4th June, 2013 (Tuesday).

On this opportunity, WofA aims to provide a fascinating insight into what makes Argentine wine unique. With 20 of its top wineries, WofA will be presenting an outstanding selection of the best Argentina has to offer – from the emblematic varieties of Malbec and Torrontés, to regional specialities and future classics. Among the participating wineries, 11 of them are presenting their wines the first time in Hong Kong and currently looking for an importer in Hong Kong or Mainland China.

Argentine Wine – 2013 & The Future

Alberto Arizu Jr., President of Wines of Argentina, expressed: ‘Wines of Argentina’s 2013 efforts will be focused on integrating the new consumers. For this reason, our activities are oriented to the “Next Generation.”’ Other initiatives include the celebration of Malbec World Day , Argentina Wine Awards and interactive promotions through various online platforms.

All these have strengthened the image of Malbec as an iconic varietal in Argentina and promoted Argentina’s international positioning. For example, Malbec exports income rose in 2012 with respect to 2011 in FOB value, reaching 41 million dollars FOB. Likewise, premium wine exports showed a 13.5% increase and a 15.4% increase in the super premium wine exports for 9-liter cases. Furthermore, over the last decade, a fusion of traditional methods and innovative thinking has fuelled the boom of Argentine wine industry, and now Argentinean wine producers have earned a place on the international stage as world-class wine producers with excellent prospects for the future.

About “Wines of Argentina”

Since 1993, Wines of Argentina, the organization in charge of promoting the brand VINO ARGENTINO around the world has promoted the image of local wines abroad and guiding the export strategy of Argentine wineries through careful study and analysis of the changes taking place in consumer markets. Seeking to enhance its positive image in the wine trade and among opinion leaders and consumers, Wines of Argentina’s goal is to help Argentina establish itself among the leading wine exporting countries in the world and contribute to the global success of the wine industry.

Wines of Argentina currently serves wineries from all wine regions of the country so they can promote their products in the world. They organize many activities among which include exhibitions, tours and outdoor activities, tastings in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Website: www.wineofargentina.org

「Celebrate Argentina!」 WINES OF ARGENTINA 2013 亞洲巡迴展

Wines of Argentina (WofA) 以推廣阿根廷葡萄酒在世界上的品牌和國家形象為宗旨,今年六月四日,WofA特別呈獻「Celebrate Argentina!」亞洲巡迴展2013 (香港站)。


Argentine Wines – 2013與未來

Wines of Argentina 主席Alberto Arizu Jr. 表示:「於二零一三年,Wines of Argentina的焦點落在拉近與新消費者的距離,因此,我們的活動多以『新世代』作為軸心,同時亦有其他的活動,包括『Malbec World Day』的慶祝活動、Argentina Wine Awards大獎和網上平台的互動推廣。


關於「Wines of Argentina」

Wines of Argentina在一九九三年成立。它宣傳所有阿根廷的葡萄酒產區,從而推廣阿根廷葡萄酒在世界上的品牌和國家形象。它還通過研究和分析在消費者市場上發生的變化帶來領阿根廷發展葡萄酒的出口策略,並致力鞏固阿根廷在葡萄酒貿易商、意見領袖和消費者心目中的正面形象,讓阿根廷在國際市場上確立出口國的地位,為阿根廷的葡萄酒行業的整體成功出一分力。

目前,Wines of Argentina為來自全國所有葡萄酒產業區的酒莊提供服務,令他們能夠在全世界推廣他們的產品。它們舉辦許多活動,包括展覽、導賞和戶外活動,以及在美國、加拿大、拉丁美洲、亞洲和歐洲舉行品酒會。


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