2011 World Table Tennis Championships

Consulate General of Netherlands hosts promotion event for the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships


Bettine Vriesekoop together with the Hong Kong elite players.

Consulate General of Netherlands hosts promotion event for the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships

From 8 to 15 May the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. On Saturday 30 April an event have been organised at the residence of the Consul General to promote the WTTC and to wish the Hong Kong team luck and safe travels to the Netherlands.

The best male and female players from all over the world will be competing against each other in five different events at the 2011 World Table Tennis Championships in the Rotterdam Ahoy Indoor Arena. Over 700 players from 140 countries are expected to participate, including the Hong Kong team.

Bettine Vriesekoop is matching with Tie Yana

Hong Kong elite player Jiang Huajun

Bettine Vriesekoop is Ambassador for the World Championships and have been to Hong Kong on April 30 to promote the events. Miss Vriesekoop is a double European Champion from the Netherlands and has a long track record in China. She was also one of the first athletes to train in China at the end of the seventies. Many Chinese table tennis stars remember her as she was perhaps the only European table tennis player who was able to beat the Chinese at her time.

During the event, Bettine Vriesekoop was happy to play show matches against the Hong Kong elite players Jiang Huajun, Tie Yana and a young player of the junior squad, Fong Yee. Their excellent performance welcomed by the audiences.

Fong Yee (middle) a young player of the junior squard of Hong Kong

Bettine Vriesekoop (left) with Frank Lok

荷蘭駐香港總領事 舒鎮邦


舒鎮邦總領事(右一)介紹Bettine Vriesekoop(左二)及Mr. Ronald Kramer(左一)


為宣傳推廣2011世界乒乓球大賽,大會委任了Bettine Vriesekoop為宣傳大使。她是荷蘭著名乒乓球員,曾於上世紀七十年代末期在中國接受訓練,不少中國乒壇名將仍記得她當年是極少數能與中國女乒手互有勝負的歐洲女將。基於她對歐洲乒壇的貢獻和成就,長期從事和支持乒球運動以及與中國淵遠的關係,因此大會委任她為本屆錦標賽的宣傳大使。


為宣傳推廣2011世界乒乓球錦標賽,荷蘭駐香港總領事館於四月三十日邀請了今屆大賽宣傳大使Bettine Vriesekoop以及荷蘭乒總負責人Mr. Ronald Kramer在總領事官邸與香港新聞界會面,介紹今屆錦標賽詳情,期間她並與香港乒乓球精英名將姜華珺、帖雅娜以及香港青少年新秀方怡表演球技,她們的精釆演出,獲得在場人士的熱烈鼓掌讚許。

香港乒乓球新秀方怡( 左) 與Bettine Vriesekoop 比試球技。

Bettine Vriesekoop 與香港乒乓球精英運動員作友誼賽

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