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Bangladesh, one of the big emerging markets, has consistently posted positive economic growth during the last three decades. An open market-based economy with vibrant and innovative private sector, Bangladesh fared well both in economic growth and foreign direct investment despite the recent global recession. The country with 57.3% of the population under the age of 25 provides a youthful group of skilled workforce to cater to the needs of the investors. With most liberal FDI regime in South Asia, allowing 100% foreign equity with unrestricted exit policy, remittance of royalty and repatriation of profits and income, Bangladesh has proved to be an attractive investment destination.

Hong Kong has been a trading partner of Bangladesh since pre-independence days. Hong Kong stands 10th among the top 20 exporting countries to Bangladesh. During fiscal year 2010-11 (July-June). Hong Kong’s exports to Bangladesh amounted to US$ 760.80 million which accounted for 2.50% of the country’s total import. Bangladesh’s export to Hong Kong, however, still remains insignificantly below US$ 100 million mark.

As of today 120 investor from Hong Kong have registered with the Board of Investment with investment proposals amounting to US$ 638.36 million and most of them are in operation of the total investment, lion share went to the service sector followed by textile and chemicals.

With comparative and competitive edge, Bangladesh offers immense opportunities for Hong Kong investors to invest in wide range of sectors.

Bangladesh Trade and Investment Roadshow

Board of Investment of Bangladesh, Consulate General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong in partnership with the Hong Kong Trade Development Council had co-organized a Trade and Investment Roadshow on 8th December, 2011. A 17 member high power delegation drawing from public sector, private sector and business and industrial leaders of the concerned sectors have attended.

The Roadshow and present papers on the regulatory reforms, state policies, various success stories, incentives and facilities for marking investments and doing trade and business with Bangladesh, the destination for the lowest production and labour cost. The delegation led by the Executive Chairman, Dr. Syed Abdus Samad, who is holding the rank and status of a Cabinet Minister of the Government of Bangladesh.

Mr. Ashud Ahmed, Consul General of Bangladesh in Hong Kong said, “We cordially invite the investors from Hong Kong as well as the region to invest in Bangladesh.”

Mr. Ziaul Hasan Siddigui, Deputy Governor, Bangladesh Bank; Mr. K.H. Masud Siddigui, Secretary, Ministry of Industry, Bangladesh; Mr. Syed Basim Manjur, Managing Director, Apex Adelchi Ltd; Mr. Saiful Lslam, Managing Director, Western Marine Shipyard Ltd., Mr. SM Ashraful Alan, Managing Director, Walton Ltd. and Dr. M. Kamal Uddin, Advisor, Light Engineering Sector Bangladesh, addressed at the Roadshow respectively. Their presentations welcomed by the hundreds of local businessmen and entrepreneurs at the Roadshow.

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