Equip Auto 2011

Equip Auto 2011:

Bright prospects for the benchmark automotive aftermarket event for all industry players

2011年巴黎國際汽車零部件及裝備展覽 (EQUIP AUTO) 展現汽車售後市場的光明前景

Marketing for the EQUIP AUTO 2011 exhibition, which began five months ago, is already moving forward at a brisk pace. To date, over 70% of total available exhibition space (100,000 sq.m) has already been booked (an increase of 25% compared with 2009). In fact, stand layouts are beginning more than one month ahead of schedule.

A sure sign that EQUIP AUTO is, in fact, the benchmark event for all industry players is the return this year of numerous sector-leading industrial players, including: Continental Teves-VDO, ContiTech, Hella, Knorr Bremse, Mahle, Meritor, TI Automotive (vehicle equipment), Facom (tooling), Washtec (carwash equipment), as well as Europa and Omia (auto body painting), both participating in the Bodywork Paint Village organized under the auspices of the FFC (French Bodywork Federation). Exhibitors returning this year include such industry giants as PSA and Renault, which have both confirmed their participation.

Numerous equipment manufacturers, tooling suppliers and distribution groups that were present two years ago – an excellent year in their estimation – have renewed their confidence in the exhibition: Autodistribution, Beru-Borgwarner, Bosch, Corteco-Freudenberg, Delphi, Hutchinson, Mann+Hummel, NTN-SNR roulements, Schaeffler, Starexcel (Autolia Group), Valeo and ZF Trading.

In the diagnostics sector, Actia and Texa have also confirmed their presence. The garage equipment segment is not to be outdone since EGI Europe, Fog, Förch, KS Tool, Provac, Ravaglioli and SNA Europe will all be in attendance, as in 2009.

EQUIP AUTO 2011 is fully aware of the new ideas that are shaping the changing automotive world; it is therefore also aiming to help the industry anticipate and structure the automotive aftermarket of the future by including such upstream players as manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, subcontractors, clusters and more.

In this spirit, the second EQUIP AUTO GreenTech Forum on electromobility, initiated in 2009, will offer an opportunity to bring together key industry players and interact with them on the challenges and trends of the equipment market of the future.

自五個月前,為2011年巴黎汽車零部件及裝備展覽(Equip Auto 2011) 的市場推廣已在進行中,並以快速的步伐前進。迄今為止,超過七成的展覽場地 (100,000平方米) 已被預訂 (展覽面積比2009年增加了25%)。事實上,展臺設計的進度亦比預期中快了一個月。汽車裝備展覽將於今年十月十一日至十五日在巴黎北部維爾班特展覽館舉行。

EQUIP AUTO對於所有業內人士是一個重要的活動,一個明確的信號是在今年的展會上,很多業內的領先企業都會再次參展,包括:Continental Teves-VDO、ContiTech、Hella、Knorr Bremse、Mahle、Meritor、TI Automotive (車輛零件)、Facom (車輛工具)、Washtec (洗車設備) ,以及Europa和Omia (汽車車身塗裝),這兩間公司都會參與由FFC (法國車身聯盟) 組織的車身油漆村 (Bodywork Paint Village)。再次參加的參展商還有行業內的巨頭 PSA和雷諾 (Renault),他們都剛剛確認了今年會再參展。

眾多在兩年前參展過的設備製造商,工具供應商和分銷集團對於兩年前的展會十分滿意,他們再次表明了對今年展會的信心,這些公司包括:Autodistribution、Beru-Borgwarner、Bosch、 Corteco-Freudenberg、Delphi、Hutchinson、Mann+Hummel、NTN-SNR roulements、Schaeffler、Starexcel (Autolia集團)、Valeo及ZF Trading。

在汽車診斷行業,Actia和Texa也剛確認了會參展。車庫設備行業亦不能被忽視,因為EGI Europe、Fog、Förch、KS Tool、Provac、Ravaglioli 及 SNA Europe跟2009年一樣全都會參展。

EQUIP AUTO 2011充分認識到新的靈感塑造了正在變化的汽車世界,亦因為如此,展覽會也旨在幫助業界預測和建造汽車售後市場的未來,這包括一些上游的公司,例如製造商、設備製造商、分包商、群集等等。