Leader Who Loves the Future

Leader Who Loves the Future


Marshal Kim Jong Un Provides Field Guidance to Changjon Street Nearing Completion

Everyone will choose Kim Jong Un, the supreme leader of Korea, as the most distinguished man in the international community.

His constant field guidance throughout the country is a focus of the attention of the world mass media.

The image of him treating the people with unreservedness, broad mind and composure warms the hearts of the people and captivates them.

What is the particular admiration of the people is his special love for the younger generation.

Marshal Kim Jong Un Looks Round Pyongyang Folk Park

From olden times the love for children has been called the most devoted and positive love, and pure and beautiful feeling which cannot be faked or generated by force.

When Kim Jong Un visited Mangyongdae Revolutionary School on the lunar New Year’s Day this year, he patted the cheeks of the students shedding tears of joy and saw them taking meals for a long time, bestowing parental affection on them.

He saw to it that unprecedentedly large-scale celebrations of the anniversary of the Korean Children’s Union were held in June this year. At the celebrations he had friendly conversations with the delgates to the celebrations. His image was really impressive and enchanting.

The Rungra People’s Pleasure Ground

Changjon Street in Pyongyang

Pyongyang City

While inspecting a Korean People’s Army unit defending the remote Jangjae Islet on the West Sea of Korea, he posed for a camera with a six-month-old baby in his arms, with a broad smile on his face.

When he called on a workers’ family that had moved to the newly-built modern Changjon Street, he taught their second son who was a primary school student how to draw pictures, sitting him on his lap.

When a splendid celebration conference was held in August to mark the Youth Day, he sent a message of congratulations to the participants in the conference and other young people across the country and posed for a camera with the delegates to the conference.

Children are the flowers and future of a country and nation.

Politics with regard to the younger generation has a decisive bearing on the destiny of the nation.

Mangyongdae Funfair

President Kim Il Sung, the founding father of socialist Korea, saw to it that new school uniforms were supplied to the pupils and students all over the country. Much delighted to see the students in new uniforms, he took photographs of them for a long time, skipping his lunch. His image is still vivid in the memory of many people. That General Kim Jong Il sent a helicopter for the triplets in a mountain village is told like a legendary tale about his love for the younger generation. Their love for children is brilliantly inherited by Kim Jong Un.

It is not without reason that socialist Korea is winning victory after victory, remaining unshakeable in the severe upheavals of history.

Mangyongdae Funfair

Love for the rising generation springs up from warm love for humanity and firm belief in the future.

Love for children cannot be expected from a man without belief in the future, and if any, it will be nothing but hypocrisy or ostentation.

Love the younger generation and have confidence in victory!–this is Kim Jong Un’s outlook on the younger generation and on the future.

The international community sees the bright future of Korea in the image of Kim Jong Un who loves children warmly.

It is quite obvious that only victory and glory will be in store for the Korean people who are vigorously advancing towards the bright future under the leadership of Kim Jong Un.

Pyongyang Folk Park

Source: Consulate General of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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