Netherlands Message

Message by the Consulate General of the Netherlands

荷蘭駐香港總領事 舒鎮邦 獻辭

The Netherlands celebrates Queen’s Day, 30 April, 2011

On April 30th everyone in Holland will celebrate Queen’s Day. The canals in Amsterdam will turn orange, the Dutch national colour. The large Dutch community in Hong Kong will surely bring a touch of orange to Hong Kong! I want to seize this opportunity to commemorate the excellent relations between the people and the governments of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

I like to compare Hong Kong and the Netherlands because they are alike in character and mindset. Both are small in size, but big in economic terms. An open, internationally oriented economy is the essence of both Hong Kong and the Netherlands. Whereas Hong Kong is the entrance for many international companies to the Chinese hinterland and vice versa, Holland is the gateway to Europe. Especially to Germany, Europe’s biggest economy.

Hong Kong and the Netherlands enjoy extensive economic ties. Many Dutch multinationals are present in Hong Kong with their regional headquarters. The largest Dutch business community (6,000) is to be found in Hong Kong. We see an increasing number of SME’s setting up shop in Hong Kong in all kinds of niche markets. They are filled with ambition and use Hong Kong as a stepping stone for further expansion in Asia. Vice versa we have some major Hong Kong companies investing in the Netherlands. A very fruitful relationship.

My profound wish is that Hong Kong and the Netherlands will enjoy the close relationship we have today for many generations to come! Let us jointly work for the prosperity of our people in the year of the Rabbit.

Robert Schuddeboom

Consul-General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


本人喜歡把香港與荷蘭作出比較是因為兩地的特質與心態很相似。兩地都是面積雖小,但經濟規模大。香港和荷蘭都是開放型和國際化的經濟體。香港是很多國際性公司進軍中國內地的通道,而荷蘭則是進入歐洲、特別是歐洲最大經濟體 – 德國的門檻。



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