An exceptional rabbit: first sculpture created by BLANC BIJOU to be officially presented to collectors in FINE ART ASIA HONG KONG

Jacques Owczarek sculptured

the rabbit JOKIO

in BLANC BIJOU 19 x 19 x 27

copyright BLANC BIJOU

The rabbit JOKIO is the first sculpture created by BLANC BIJOU.

BLANC BIJOU is a special material made from a rare and precious material.

Having an eternal whiteness and unique touch, this is an exception in the world of art works.

This unique piece of work of Jacques Owczarek will be presented to collectors in FINE ART ASIA in Hong Kong, from 4th to 7th October, 2012.


An exceptional material which is made of a rare material: fluorite.

An eternal whiteness.

A soft, sensual sense of touch.

This unique material was presented in the International Exhibition “Now design à vivre” in Paris Maison et Objet in January 2012. They were elected as the High Light material of the year.

Sculptor Jacques Owczarek met hide kasuga, the founder of BLANC BIJOU, in Paris. He then included the material BLANC BIJOU in art and rare, unique works. He looked for a new material for his works and BLANC BIJOU inspired him a new creation perspective. According to him, it’s an “absolute peace created by its whiteness and its unique touch.”

BLANC BIJOU established a new relation among sculptures, works and their touch. According to Jacques Owczarek, this unique material opens up new view of creation for artists and designers, and offers new experiences to collectors.

The work of Jacques Owczarek will be officially presented in the occasion of FINE ART ASIA in Hong Kong, from 4th to 7th October, 2012, by La Galerie Pierre DUMONTEIL.

Jacques Owczarek

The innovation of BLANC BIJOU is a private and personal initiative of hide kasuga, research engineer in chemistry. It is based on a family business whose story began in 1896.

Initially specializing in hemp and flax trading, la Maison kasuga is internationally recognized in its quality of its fabrics, since 1944, a cluster of research and development of innovation was established, it is specialized in the production of decoration made in hemp and silk and the design of polymers. In 2009, when hide kasuga took the lead of the family group NiKKi Fron, the financial crisis has already spread abroad.


By looking into the potential of the craftsmen of the group and the capacity to innovate NiKKi Fron, he decided to improve the formula of the fluropolymer to obtain absolute whiteness.

Founder of BLANC BIJOU, hide kasuga

The Philosopher’s stone of the 21st century is born.

Fascinated by the result – its whiteness and its exceptional sense of touch, hide kasuga created the BLANC BIJOU project and decided to establish the headquarter in Paris, in view of its French culture and the openness of the creators he met during his various stays and studies in France.

The goal of hide kasuga : to create rare objects, in limited or unique edition

Two years will be necessary for him to study the forms and create an inventory of possibilities.

In 2011, while the family company celebrates its « 115 years of innovation », the brand’s functional values of products of the leading sector evolved, towards the sensory values.

BLANC BIJOU expresses the sensitive side of the world. It also indicates the marriage of science and sensibility : a new world of innovation and design which opens up our most creative side.

To mark the occasion, the Japanese government entrusted Mr. hide kasuga with the mission of promoting Japanese culture abroad, based around BLANC BIJOU’s activities, values and vision.


Hong Kong is a place of particular symbolic importance for BLANC BIJOU. The rare fluorite mineral, from which the innovative BLANC BIJOU is made, was discovered by British scientists around the 17th century. British fluorite is the most famous to give off beautiful fluorescent by ultra violet. Fluorite was named from the Latin language "fluere" by French scientists in the 19th century. The biggest deposits of this rare material are found in China. The marriage between Japanese innovation and French artistic talent are combined in this unique work produced using highly specialized craft techniques.

A new era of exquisite creation has begun for top creators and collectors.

The work is represented by La Galerie Pierre DUMONTEIL at the Fine Art Asia 2012

Booth no. D6 D8, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong

La Galerie Pierre DUMONTEIL

22 Sinan Mansions, 523 Fuxing Road (Middle) 200025 Shanghai – CHINA

Tel. +86 21 6418 6367

38 rue de l'universite, 75007 Paris France Tel :+33 (0)1 42 61 23 38

475 Park Avenue, New York USA

BLANC BIJOU head office in France

8, Boulevard de la Madeleine 75009 Paris France

Jacques Owczarek sculptor:

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