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Pierre & Vacances has unveiled “Villages Nature” a new sustainable resort concept in France

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group has recently announced the Villages Nature project at a press conference held in Hong Kong. Villages Nature is a joint project led by two key players in European tourism, Pierre & Vacances and Euro Disney, their new concept of a vacation destination based on the search for harmony between Man and Nature. The destination would be, in its design and in its operations, a unique model of sustainable development for tourism on a European scale. The site is located only 10 minutes from Disneyland® Paris and 40 minutes from the city centre of Paris, the world’s most visited city with over 32 million tourists per year.

A message of harmony between Man and Nature

At Villages Nature, the search for harmony between Man and Nature is at the heart of the concept. As a mixed‐use resort, Villages Nature works with visionary landscape architects to develop new lodging and leisure experiences that will allow each of us to bond with family and friends, within an enhanced and enchanted natural environment that is close to home and easily accessible. The entire resort will be developed around the Aqualagoon, its iconic 2,500m² outdoor geothermal lagoon, and the adjacent water park which will be one of the largest in Europe.

Complementary expertise on a shared project

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group and Euro Disney S.C.A will deliver this exceptional destination. The Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group brings to the project its original leaseback model. The group makes rental property investment hassle-free, ensuring both maintenance and management to relieve owners of the usual property-related constraints. As for Euro Disney, it contributes its storytelling skills, its international creative experience in the Disney theme parks and hotels and its excellence in terms of quality service.

A commitment to sustainable development

To develop a Sustainable Action Plan and position Villages Nature as a reference of eco‐tourism in Europe, the partners have been inspired by the "One Planet Living" methodology (www.oneplanetliving.org) developed by BioRegional and WWF International.

The Sustainable Action Plan relies on the following 10 keys, measurable targets aimed at reducing as much as possible the destination’s ecological footprint, ensuring social responsibility, and developing synergies with the local communities:

- Zero Carbon

- Sustainable water

- Zero waste

- Natural habitats and wild life

- Sustainable transportation

- Culture and heritage

- Local and sustainable materials

- Fairness and economic development

- Local and sustainable food products

- Quality of life and well-being

An opportunity for institutional and individual investors

The first phase of Villages Nature would include the construction of 1,730 apartments and cottages, measuring between 37 sqm and 88 sqm, located within four villages: one central village, one lakeside village and two forest villages. Indoor and outdoor leisure facilities are also planned, for a total 160,000 sqm.

An increasingly popular way to invest in property in France (repetition) is to buy a French leaseback property which benefits from a government-backed VAT refund incentive, designed to encourage investment in tourist residences. Through freehold ownership of an apartment or cottage that is leased back to a management company for a minimum period of 10 years, investors benefit from guaranteed annual returns from their fully managed and maintained property with relatively low up-front costs and no ongoing maintenance or running charges.

Based on the 46‐year proven real estate development model of Pierre & Vacances, the apartments and cottages would be sold to individual investors as tourism residences (in French: Résidences de Tourisme) while facilities would be sold to institutional investors. The housing units and facilities will be leased and managed by the Villages Nature operating company.

An economic project committed to its region

Villages Nature will aim to be a strong economic and social contributor to the region. When completed and fully operational, the first phase is expected to generate approximately €7 million in local taxes per year, and create 4,500 jobs including 1,600 direct ones. Villages Nature will proactively work with local, public employment agencies to promote job opportunities for residents, and will reach out to local companies for sourcing and synergies.

About the Group Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs

Created in 1967, Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs is the European leader in local tourism. Its unique economic model is based on the synergies between tourism and property development. Today, the Group offers 7 tourism brands: Pierre & Vacances, Pierre & Vacances Premium, Maeva, Center Parcs, Sunparks, Adagio, Adagio Access. Its tourist accommodations include close to 50,000 apartments and housing in Europe, with 7.5 million hosts per year.

About the Euro Disney S.C.A. group

The group operates Disneyland® Paris which includes Disneyland® Park, Walt Disney Studios® Park and seven themed hotels with a joint capacity of 5,800 rooms (not including the 2,400 on-site hotel rooms operated by third-party partners). The group also operates two convention centres, the Disney® Village entertainment complex and a 27-hole golf course. Activities of the group also include developing the 2,230-hectare site, half of which remains undeveloped.

Click the following link to watch a video about Villages & Nature : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnCLN4r1Io

Contacts in France:

Villages Nature

Nadim Tawil (Communications & External Relations Manager)

Email: nadim.tawil@disney.com

Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs

Valérie Lauthier (Corporate Communications)

Email: vlauthier@pierre-vacances.fr

Contact in Hong Kong:


Tel: (852) 6733 1285

Email: alexis@margaux-louis.com


Lily YUI (Senior Trade Advisor – Communications)

Email: lily.yui@ubifrance.fr

Pierre & Vacances介紹法國Villages Nature新概念可持續發展度假村

法國Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs集團日前在香港宣佈與歐洲迪士尼攜手開發一個以人與自然的和諧共處為基礎的全新概念度假項目。此目的地在設計和業務運作上都是一個獨一無二以歐洲模式可持續發展的旅遊項目,並以Villages Nature「自然村」命名。度假村距離巴黎迪士尼樂園僅十分鐘,離巴黎市中心約四十分鐘 (巴黎是世界上遊客最多的城市之一,每年遊客人數超過三千二百萬) 。


人和自然之間的和諧是Villages Nature自然村的中心概念。作為一個混合用途的度假點,自然村跟景觀設計師緊密合作,開發新的住宿及優閒體驗,為遊客提供各種與大自然互動的機會,在一個既方便又接近家的自然環境內和家人,朋友渡過歡樂時光。整個度假區將圍繞著Aqualagoon而建,面積達2500平方米的標誌性戶外地熱潟湖,而相鄰的水上公園將是歐洲內最大的。


Pierre & Vacances及歐洲迪士尼在Villages Nature項目上一起作出研究。基於其四十多年來的成功,Pierre & Vacances將在此項目中進行售後租回計劃。Pierre & Vacances令出租物業投資變得無憂,並確保維修及管理,以減少業主與物業相關的問題上遇到的約束。另外,歐洲迪士尼則會利用其故事性技巧,在迪士尼主題公園及酒店貢獻其具國際性,創意的經驗和高質素的服務。


Villages Nature的合作夥伴希望制訂一個可持續發展的行動計劃及將度假村作為歐洲自然生態旅遊的參考,它受到由BioRegional及WWF International (世界自然基金會) 所開發的 "One Planet Living" (一個地球社區) 理念所啟發,訂下以下十個方針,旨在盡可能減低度假村的生態足跡,與當地社區發展協同效應:

- 零碳排放

- 零廢物

- 可持續發展性交通

- 地區性及可持續發展性物料

- 地區性及可持續發展性食品

- 可持續發展性食水

- 自然生態及野生

- 文化及遺產

- 地區性合作夥伴及自由貿易

- 保持生活質素


度假村的第一期將包括一千七百三十間公寓或小屋,佔地面積在三十二至八十五平方米之間,位置在四個村莊中間:一個位於中央的村莊,湖旁的村莊及森林裡的兩個村莊。另外,Pierre & Vacances亦有計劃度假村內的室內及戶外優閒設施,總面積為十六萬平方米。


Pierre & Vacances基於其在地產界四十六年的發展模式,決定了所建成的公寓或小屋將賣給個人投資者作旅遊住所用途,而設施則賣給企業投資者。各單位及設施將由Villages Nature運作公司負責租賃和管理。


Villages Nature目標是在該地區作出經濟及社會上的貢獻。當項目的第一期完成並可以投入運作時,預計可以每年帶來七百萬的稅收,創造四千五百個就業機會 (當中包括一千六百個直接職位)。Villages Nature將積極地與當地的公共職業介紹機構合作推動就業機會,亦會向當地企業採購及增進協同效益。

關於Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs集團

Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs集團在1967年成立,在歐洲旅遊業中是領先者。其獨特的經濟模式是基於旅遊業和地產業之間的協同作用。現時,集團在業內有七個品牌:Pierre & Vacances、Pierre & Vacances Premium、Maeva、Center Parcs、Sunparks、Adagio及Adagio Access。旅遊住宿包括接近五萬套公寓和住房,每年有七百三十萬遊客入住。

關於歐洲迪士尼集團 (Euro Disney Associés S.C.A)

此集團負責以下地方的運作:巴黎迪士尼樂園 (Disneyland® Paris),包括華特.迪士尼工作室樂園 (Walt Disney Studios® Park) 和七間擁有五千八百間房間的主題酒店 (當中不包括二千四百間由第三方合作夥伴經營的實地房間) 。另外,集團亦負責經營兩個會議中心,迪士尼村娛樂中心 (Disney® Village) 及一個二十七洞的高爾夫球場。歐洲迪士尼集團的活動最近在開發一塊面積達二千二百三十公頃的土地,當中的一半未被開發。

如有興趣了解更多有關Villages & Nature的資料,可觀看以下視頻:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZnCLN4r1Io

法國聯絡 :

Villages Nature

Nadim Tawil (傳訊部及對外關係經理)


Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs

Valérie Lauthier (企業傳訊)





電話:(852) 6733 1285



Lily YUI (傳訊部 -高級商務專員)


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