First “Saveurs de France” in Asia

首個在亞洲舉辦的 「Saveurs de France」

First “Saveurs de France” in Asia

For the first time, around 10 French based companies - specialised in fine food products - will participate to a business road trip in Asia. Touring 4 cities, from May 14th to 22nd, 2013, this delegation will hit Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taipei & Seoul. They will exhibit their products to around 50 Asian zone buyers as: importers/distributors, luxury hotels, gourmet shops, Airlines and railways caterers, etc. The “Saveurs de France” operation is a unique opportunity to discover or rediscover those specialties that have made French gastronomy’s reputation.

“Saveurs de France”’s goal is to introduce these French companies to the Asian market, highlighting both their traditional quality products as well as their progressive approach to Asian labeling requirements, consumer trends, distribution circuits and Asian importer, distributor and buyer needs.

Informational seminars - to help French attendees boost their understanding of the Asian zone - and individual meetings between French companies and Asian buyers are scheduled in each city.

The operation will begin in Singapore on the Tuesday, 14th of May, with a seminar presenting 6 markets: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. After that, a mini-exhibition is organized in a luxury hotel for ASEAN buyers. The next day will be devoted to a visit of some retail outlets.

Thursday and Friday, 16th and 17th of May, will be held in Hong-Kong, in the same format as Singapore, with a special event in the context of “French Gourmay”.

The trip will continue in Taipei, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th of May.

And then in Seoul, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 22nd of May.

“Saveurs de France” is organized by UBIFRANCE - the French agency for international business development - and its offices in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Taipei and Seoul, in partnership with the Aquitaine’s chamber of commerce and industry based in the South of France.

Singapore :

Isabelle NGUYEN

Ph.: +65 6880 7899

Hong-Kong & Taiwan :

Lily YUI

Ph.: +852 37 52 91 78

Korea :

Ji-hyun LEE

Ph.: +82 (0)2 564 94 34


約十家從事美食的法國公司將首次參加亞洲的商務巡迴之旅,在二零一三年五月十四至二十二日期間在亞洲四個城市 (新加坡、香港、台北及首爾) 展出自己的產品。他們將向大約五十家亞洲區的買家展出產品,這些買家包括:進口商/分銷商、豪華酒店、美食店、航空公司及鐵路膳食供應商等等。「Saveurs de France」 是一項獨一無二的活動,可讓參加者發掘或再次發掘法國美食特產。

「Saveurs de France」 的目的是在亞洲市場引進法國公司,強調他們的傳統優質產品及其漸進的形式在市場認識更多亞洲的標籤要求,消費趨勢,零售路線及亞洲進口商,分銷商及買家的需求。


此活動將在新加坡開始,在五月十四日 (星期二) 舉行。參加者可先參加一個介紹六個不同市場的研討會:新加坡、印尼、馬來西亞、菲律賓、泰國及越南。接着,一個為東盟買家舉辦的小型展覽將在豪華酒店內進行。在行程的第二天,參加者將會參觀一些零售店。

五月十六及十七日 (星期四及五) 的活動將在香港進行。形式與新加坡的相似,但將於一個特別為法國五月美食節 (Le French GourMay) 的活動內同時進行。



「Saveurs de France」 是一個由法國商務專員公署 (UBIFRANCE) 舉辦的活動,由在新加坡、香港、台北及首爾的辦事處,及設於阿基坦的工商商會聯手組織。


Isabelle NGUYEN

電話: +65 6880 7899


Lily YUI

電話:+852 3752 9178


Ji-hyun LEE

電話: +82 (0)2 564 94 34

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