EMBALLAGE 2012: An exceptional 40th vintage!

The International Packaging Exhibition EMBALLAGE will take place for its 40th show at Parc des Expositions in Paris Nord Villepinte in France from the 19th to the 22th of November. With 1 300 exhibitors (48% international) and 89 000 visitors expected, the International Packaging Exhibition EMBALLAGE will highlight the innovative power of the packaging sector.

Over four days, the packaging industry will display a comprehensive range of innovations and the extent of its know-how, expressed in the form of solutions to the demands arising from the packaging chain, ranging from raw materials to finished products not forgetting packaging machines and related services.

PACK SMART – Innovations & solutions: Everything you need to know!

For Véronique Sestrières, Exhibition Director, “EMBALLAGE 2012 will be an amazing place, enhancing all types of intelligence prevalent in the packaging industry.”

More than ever before, packaging innovation has become a strategic issue, governing economic progress, for all the user industries. This 40th exhibition will therefore be an exceptional commercial, sourcing and inspirational platform for each user sector.

Growth underpinned by the emerging markets

Global packaging production, estimated to be worth $670bn in 2010, is anticipated to generate $820bn by 2016 according to the latest market research conducted byPira International.

This growth is said to stem largely from urbanisation, investment in construction, the development of the health sector, and the growth of emerging and transitional economies such as China, India, Brazil and certain Eastern European countries. Greater purchasing power in these countries is likely to boost the demand both for household equipment and for consumables and packaging.

The French packaging industry posted some 10% growth in 2010.

European packaging is now potentially “all in one”

Comexposium’s EMBALLAGE 2012 surveyed European consumers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain with the help of OpinionWay in May 2012. Packaging seems to solve all the paradoxes: it can be both “sexy and virtuous” for 65% of Europeans, “economical and eco-friendly” for 92%, and “beautiful and useful” for 65%.

40th EMBALLAGE: the power of innovation in the packaging industry, highlighted at the heart of Hall 6.

“I love Pack, since 1947”, an unprecedented exhibition, displaying iconic packaging that has had a profound effect on consumption and created new user values.

PACK INNOVATION will stage the latest exhibitor innovations, chosen by a pre-selection committee and presented to the world press. The Pack Experts Committee will determine the winners of its Pack Experts’ Innovation Awards.

A unique platform for expressing ideas, EMBALLAGE TV, a live TV studio, will spotlight the latest news in packaging, from 10 a.m. to6 p.m.

PACK VISION will devote its conference cycle once again to the future of packaging.

The Remarkable Packaging& Alternatives exhibition will provide visitors with a world tour of wow factor packaging, as viewed by 6 design schools of different cultures.

Lastly, a conference programme focusing on the technical aspects of packaging will be organised by the SYMOP Forum.

19-22 November 2012 – Paris Nord Villepinte – France1,300 exhibitors from 47 countries and 89,000 visitors expectedHeld together with MANUTENTION Equipment & Systems exhibitionEMBALLAGE is organized by the COMEXPOSIUM group, a European leader in event organisation. COMEXPOSIUM is involved in 136 trade fairs and exhibitions open to the general public, covering 17 sectors of activity. Every year, the group welcomes 36,000 exhibitors, of whom one third are international, and 3.3 million visitors, of whom 330,000 are foreign visitors. With more than 400 employees, the COMEXPOSIUM group posted 208m turnover in 2010, and organised five of the ten largest events held in France: SIAL, Intermat, Equip'Auto, SIMA, and the Foire de Paris.

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