Wine Auction

French Grande Premiere in the Wine Hub

法國拍賣行在 香港葡萄酒中心的首次大拍賣

The 29 th and the 30 th of April, at the Mandarin Oriental, Me Jack Ruellan Parisian French Auctionner will perform an amazing Wine Auction.

Looking forward to entertain the local biders with his special french elegance plus a benchmark of his : All the lots offered to HK biders are coming from France and French private amateurs caves.

None of them have ever been presented to auctions before.

It tooked about a year to Me Jack and his very glamourous expert Bérengère de Pontac to

collect and expertise all the 430 lots.

No doubt it is a ‘A’ LIST sale with some exciting lots like following:

A very rare selection of Burgundy such as :

Henri Jayer Echezeaux 1981, Romanée Conti 1999,

An Exceptional Duclos Case "carre d' AS 2000, Petrus, Latour, Haut Brillon, Margaux"

11 cases of Duclos, vertical from 1997 to 2007

A 1945 Jeroboam of Lafite Rothshild.

A double Magnum Lafite Rothshild 1870.

A vertical of Mouton Rothshild from 1945 untill 2007.

A remarquable vertical of Yquem from 1900 untill 2005.

As a fine painting and arts expert since 1991, Me Ruellan wants to link its passion for rare wines with fine arts.

With his "french flair" and humility, he will attempt, on this special occasion to embrace Asia's capital tastes and trends in order to imagine and producing an even more exclusive second edition.

To be mentionned, God's of Aboundance Bronze Sculpture from famous artist Richard Texier will be on sale at the end of the auction.

Looking forward to win the attention of all the Chinese wine and French Art de Vivre connaisseurs; Me Ruellan is facing a thrilling and exciting challenge for his first Hong Kong Auction.

If you love rare wines Me Ruellan's auction is a MUST GO.

四月二十九日至三十日,法國巴黎的拍賣家Me Jack Ruellan先生將在香港的文華東方酒店舉辦一個葡萄酒拍賣會。

Me Jack Ruellan先生希望用法國的優雅特色來款待當地的來賓,所有提供給來賓拍賣的珍品都是來自法國與法國的私人葡萄酒愛好者。而所有的葡萄酒珍品都是首次在拍賣會上被拍賣。

Me Jack Ruellan先生和著名的葡萄酒專家Bérengère de Pontac用了將近一年的時間,來收集和評估這435批的葡萄酒。


勃艮第(Burgundy)地區罕見的精選葡萄酒例如:• 1981年的Henri Jayer Echezeaux葡萄酒,與1999年的羅曼尼‧康帝(La Romanee Conti)葡萄酒• Carre d’AS 2000 Petrus,拉圖酒莊,奧比昂酒莊,瑪歌酒莊的獨特的Duclos箱子• 1997 年至 2007年,Duclot 的11個葡萄酒箱。• 拉菲酒莊(Château Lafite Rothschild)1945年的 Jeroboam(5公升)葡萄酒。• 一瓶瑪歌酒莊年份為1870年的double magnum(3公升)葡萄酒。• 武當酒莊(Château Mouton Rothschild) 1945年至2007年的佳釀 。• 伊甘酒莊 1900至2005年的葡萄酒釀。

自一九九一年以來,作為繪畫和美術專家,Me Jack Ruellan先生希望將他對葡萄酒珍品的熱情與藝術連結起來。


值得一提的是,著名藝術家Richard Texier的「God's of Aboundance」青銅雕塑將會在拍賣會的最後被拍賣。

期待這次拍賣會獲得所有中國葡萄酒鑒賞家和法國生活鑒賞家們的青睞,在香港首次的拍賣會對Me Jack Ruellan先生來說可謂是一個挑戰。

假如對這次Me Jack Ruellan先生的葡萄酒珍品拍賣會感興趣,請務必參加。

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