Traits as a People’s Leader


Marshal KIM JONG UN, Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army

Supreme Leader KIM JONG UN of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is winning great affection and respect from his people, the intensity of which is drawing the admiration of the international community.

The world wonders how the Korean leader, though it was not long since he took official posts, is so loved by his people.

The answer to this must be found in his politics of affection for the people.

Leader KIM JONG UN bestows his warm love on the people.

Whenever he meets soldiers and people, he embraces them tenderly, gives them a clap, walks holding their hands in his and whispers in their ears.

When he is among the children, he pats on their cheeks and unreservedly accepts their requests.

He poses for photos with ordinary soldiers and people, arm in arm.

While visiting the army units he stands with every one of the soldiers, numbering dozens, who are unwilling to part from him, to pose for a camera for a long time.

Marshal KIM JONG UN Guides Combat Flight Contest among Air Commanding Officers

It happened when he inspected an island-defending unit.

He looked round the barracks, mess hall and guard post of the soldiers, dwelling houses of officers, school and kindergarten and posed for a photo with them, before he boarded a vessel to leave.

The soldiers, officers and their wives, shouting hurrah in tears, followed him. As he saw them jumping into the cold seawater, Leader KIM JONG UN got off the vessel and told them to come out, or else he would not leave.

He said repeatedly to the officers to order their men to come out.

He went aboard again after they all had come out.

Even God will be moved by such traits of him to embrace all the service personnel and people with warm love.

Marshal KIM JONG UN meeting the soldiers who proved successful in the 36th Art Festival of KPA Servicepersons

Leader KIM JONG UN’s politics of love for the people is inconceivable apart from his thoroughgoing view on people.

He regards people as the most valuable being in the world. It is his motto that the leader and officials are necessary for the people.

Affection for the people becomes the starting point of all his thinking and activities and the supreme principle and the ultimate objective of his politics.

He wrote “Let us serve the people!” on the documents submitted by officials.

While looking round a newly built structure, he asked whether people liked it and stressed that it must be built for the people’s convenience first of all and nothing should be spared as it was for the people.

Saying that things to be provided to the people should be flawless, he instilled in the mind of officials a sense of responsibility as the servants of people.

When he inspects the army units he feels the temperature of the floors in the barracks and tastes soy sauce.

During his visit to factories, enterprises, kindergartens and houses he takes care of the life of the working people and children with great affection.

Leader KIM JONG UN requests officials to consider the people’s interests as the highest priority and absolutely and make tireless efforts for the good of the people.

This is the very demand he has made on himself, too.

Marshal KIM JONG UN Provides Field Guidance to Songchongang Net-Weaving Factory and Plastic Tube Shop

An illustration of this is his on-site guidance to the construction of the Munsu Water Park before its inauguration last October.

He visited the construction site three times in September alone to build it as a world-class water park.

On Sunday, some days before its inaugural ceremony, he came to the construction site again and made the rounds of every facility lest there should be anything amiss.

He was all smiles as if he were hearing people’s laughter that would fill the park.

Under the leadership of Leader KIM JONG UN who is devoting his all for the sake of people Korea today scores a great success in improving the people’s living standards.

The sector of agriculture is opening up a rosy vista for solving the food problem of the people and the sector of light industry produces a rich assortment of foodstuffs and consumer goods quite popular among the people.

Marshal KIM JONG UN Gives Field Guidance to Kosan Fruit Farm

Changjon Street, Unha Scientists Street and apartment buildings for lecturers of KIM IL SUNG University and sportspersons sprang up in Pyongyang and dwelling houses of modern style mushroomed in cities and rural areas across the country.

The Rungna People’s Recreation Ground, Thongilgori Fitness Centre, Ryugyong Health Complex, People’s Open-air Ice Rink, Munsu Water Park, Mirim Riding Club, Masikryong Ski Resort, Songdowon International Children’s Camp and other recreation centres and resting places were built, which resounded with happy laughter of people.

This is the reality of Korea today.

It is no wonder that the people ardently love and absolutely trust and follow the leader who administers politics of affection for them.

Marshal KIM JONG UN Visits Mangyongdae Revolutionary School

Marshal KIM JONG UN Visits Pyongyang Orphanage on International Children's Day

Source: Consulate General of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in Hong Kong

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