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Painting Exhibition for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of U.S.S.R. Cosmonant Yuri Gagarin as the first human to orbit earth


On 12th April, 1961, U.S.S.R. Cosmonant Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was launched aboard the Vostoki spacecraft from the Baikonur spaceport and made the world’s first orbital round the earth. The spacecraft in the near-earth environment lasted 108 minutes. Yuri A. Gagarin not only became the first man in space and also sparked a new era of exploration.

On 7th April, 2011, a special plenary session of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution which officially proclaimed 12th April the International Day of Manned Space Flight. More than 60 countries co-sponsored the resolution.

Mr. Sergey N. Gritsay, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong (left) and Anastassia Katafygiotis (right)

Anastassia’s Art House is one of the most famous Art Education Centers in Hong Kong was hosted a painting exhibition for celebrating the 50th Anniversary of U.S.S.R. cosmonant Yuri Gagarin as the first human to orbit earth recently Mr. Sergey N. Gritsay, Consul General of the Russian Federation in Hong Kong was invited as the distinguish guest for the opening ceremony.

The exhibition was highly praised and welcomed by the audiences.

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The teacher and her students

Brief Introductiion of Anastassia’s Art House

Anastassia’s Art House is Hong Kong’s only Russian Art Academy offering Art Education of the highest standards. Their mission is exposing Hong Kong to the vast wealth of Russian & Western cultural heritage in Fine Art. The prime Russian Art Education they offer encapsulates the long tradition of academic excellence pursued in the Russian Art Academies that have produced some of the world’s greatest artists over the centuries.

The Academy offers a wide range of classes for children and adults since 1998. Their teaching approach is inimitable and one of a kind in Hong Kong. It offers a perfect balance between introducing the structured elements and techniques a student needs in order to reach a high level of technical competency, while emphasizing on creativity, imagination and individuality.

The Director of the Academy, Anastassia Katafygiotis, is a leading Russian Artist whose stunning artworks grace numberous art collections around the world.

The Academy has an excellent team of highly qualified Art Educators. All of them are talented practicing artists, holding degrees from renowned Art Academies/ Universities.

During the past decade the Academy had built a solid reputation for pursuing excellence in Art Education and for setting the standards in the “Art of Teaching Art”.

一九六一年四月十二日,蘇聯太空人尤里‧阿列克謝耶維奇‧加加林(Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarian)乘坐由遙控的太空船東方一號環繞地球一周,歷時一小時四十八分鐘,並安全降落地面。這次太空飛行,使加加林成為第一個進入太空的人類,亦標誌着人類進入太空的新紀元。第六十五屆聯合國大會通過決議,把每年的四月十二日定為「國際載人航天日」。



Anastassia’s Art House 是香港一家具俄羅斯藝術學院藝術教育標準的學校,該校設有成人班及兒童班級,並設有集體及個別學習課程,校內導師均具俄國藝術院校學位,不少學員在導師的培育和指導下,成績有顯著進步。為慶祝蘇聯太空人加加林成為全球第一個進入太空的人類五十周年,該校學生特以此為主題進行創作並舉行展覽,讓社會人士及學生家長瞭解該校學員的藝術水平。上述展覽由俄羅斯聯邦駐香港總領事謝爾蓋‧格里蔡主持開幕儀式,總領事以及在場人士均對展出的作品予以讚賞及高度評價。


Anastassia 與學生家長親切交談



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