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Dec 2013

Invest Hong Kong and Guangzhou Government promote mutual business advantages for New Zealand companies

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) and the Guangzhou Municipal People's Government co-organised for the first time a seminar in Auckland, New Zealand, on November 18 to jointly promote their combined business advantages and how these can benefit New Zealand companies in their expansion into Hong Kong and Mainland China.  ......>Read more

Nov 2013

Invest Hong Kong encourages Hunan companies to "go global" via Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) on November 11 hosted a "Hong Kong - Your Platform to Going Global" seminar in Changsha, Hunan Province, aimed at encouraging companies in Hunan to use Hong Kong's business advantages to expand overseas.  ......>Read more

Caudalie opens its Asian flagship boutique in Hong Kong

French skincare company, Caudalie, opened its first boutique in Hong Kong on November 7, as part of its strategic expansion plan in the region.

The two-storey boutique on Gough Street in Central offers Caudalie's unique products and selected treatments from Vinothérapie® Spas, which claim as using grapes and grapevines as well as their beneficial antioxidant on skin. Apart from the street level retail shop, the company also set up its regional office in Hong Kong, to oversee the marketing activities of the brand in the region and act as an interface with the Paris headquarters. ......>Read more

Oct 2013

Les Halles Bordeaux presents the authentic French Fine Foods in Hong Kong
Les Halles Bordeaux在香港開設「波爾多法國高尚美食城」推廣正宗法國美食

Newly established in Hong Kong, Les Halles Bordeaux offers premium and organic food from Bordeaux Region of France, in both quality and taste, to private individuals and corporate entities. Within its new collection 2013/2014, you will find new gastronomic trends, created and unique to Les Halles Bordeaux.

This collection is designed for professional catering and hospitality trade, private parties and corporate gatherings and also for a clientele of individual customers in France and China.  ......>Read more

August 2013

Invest Hong Kong encourages northeast Mainland Chinese companies to "go global" via Hong Kong

Invest Hong Kong (InvestHK) on August 5 hosted a "Hong Kong - Your Platform to Going Global" seminar in Dalian, Liaoning Province, in the first leg of the department's three-province investment roadshow aimed at encouraging companies in the northeast of Mainland China to use Hong Kong's business advantages to expand overseas. The roadshow will continue in Changchun, Jilin Province, and Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, over the next two days.  ......>Read more

July 2013

ICHIRAN opens ramen specialty shop in Hong Kong

Fukuoka-based ICHIRAN opened its first overseas branch in Hong Kong on July 11, riding on the brand's strong awareness in the city as the first step of its expansion beyond Japan.

The ICHIRAN shop is located in the prime Causeway Bay tourist district and sells only ramen as part of the brand's dedication to this genuine Japanese cuisine. According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of ICHIRAN, Mr Manabu Yoshitomi, ICHIRAN in Hong Kong will follow most of its Japanese operating style, including opening 24 hours a day. The design will include all of ICHIRAN's creations including its original counter, with individual partitioned seats, an environment that eliminates all distractions from concentrating on the flavour.  .......>Read More

2013 Feb

French hotel sector has high potential to welcome foreign brands

As the world’s number one tourist destination – with 80 million foreign visitors in 2011 – France draws on its cultural diversity, gastronomy and art de vivre, as well as a wide variety of architectural heritage and landscapes.

As the world’s fifth largest economy, it is also a preferred destination for business travel: every year, close to 20 million visitors attend more than 500 events, conferences and trade shows. Various sporting and cultural events are set to drive an increase in the country’s hotel capacity: Marseille is the European Capital of Culture in 2013, the Caen region is due to host the World Equestrian Games in 2014, while the Paris region will see the UEFA European Football Championship in 2016 and golf’s Ryder Cup in 2018.   .......>Read More

Prince Restaurant expands in Hong Kong

The Prince Group from Mainland China announced on January 25 that it is expanding with its second Prince Restaurant in Hong Kong. This is the first of a series of planned expansions in the next 12 months in order for the group to cater to the rapidly expanding market in Hong Kong.

The new restaurant, Prince Restaurant Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghai, is located at 1881 Heritage in Tsim Sha Tsui, convenient for locals and visitors seeking Chinese fine dining. The group opened its first restaurant in Hong Kong nine years ago and according to the Director of Hong Kong Prince Restaurant Co Ltd, Ms Mak Yee-fan, the success of the restaurant brand means that it is ready for further expansion.  .......>Read More

2013 Jan

Beijing crepe restaurant opens in Hong Kong

Traditional Beijing crepe restaurant Mr Bing announced on January 10 that its first restaurant has opened in Central, introducing a local Beijing dish to Hong Kong and overseas people, especially to the large number of Mainland Chinese who are living and working in Hong Kong.

What also makes the restaurant special is its American founder, Mr Brian Goldberg, who studied in Beijing in 1998 and was so fascinated by the traditional "jianbing" (Chinese crepe) that he decided to create his own street crepe brand in Hong Kong. .......>Read More

2012 Feb
The boom in data transmission and storage capacity has given rise to cloud computing, where calculations and data are scattered in a universe that is no longer directly accessible to customers, who instead buy processing activities in the same way that one might buy electricity. Three levels of offerings are available: Externally hosted IT infrastructure (IaaS = Infrastructure as a Service); Ready-to-use environments (PaaS = Platform as a Service); and Standardized shared applications sold as services (SaaS = Software as a Service). .......>Read More
Bangladesh – your Dream Investment Destination
孟加拉 – 夢寐以求投資目的地
Bangladesh is a winning combination with its competitive market, business-friendly environment and competitive cost structure that can give you best returns.
Industrious low-cost workforce
Bangladesh offers a well-educated, highly adaptive and industrious workforce with the lowest wages and salaries in the region. About 57.3% of the population is under 25, providing a youthful group for recruitment. .......>Read More