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2017 January

Reception on Japan “Nougyou Joshi”

2016 May

Meet French vineyards talents in 8 Asian cities!

2014 August

歐洲肉類 – 傳統、品質、味道
European Meat - Tradition, Qualitu and Taste

2014 July


法國諾曼第金牌生蠔 首度亮相香港
L’Huitre de Normandie: The 1st Appearance of Award-Winning Normandy Oysters in Hong Kong


2014 April

百分百香港原創科技 專利納米發熱玻璃技術
Saving Energy by Nanoheat

2014 March

法國Parentsaround.com可遙控的多平台版「家長監控解決方案」 the innovative parental control solution, multi-device and remote-controllable

2014 February

法國GEPPIA加工與包裝機械協會推出包裝趨勢白皮書 - 「包裝趨勢:明天應該如何生產?」
“Packaging Trends: The future of manufacturing”

國際立體珠寶腕錶JULI ZOFIA藝術家系列眾星捧場 隨悠揚樂韻展現腕錶中的東方情懷
Juli Zofia’s Watch Series

Dec 2013

Artolis®, a comprehensive range of technical fabrics for interior design
法國Barrisol推出 Artolis技術面料系列 令室內裝飾增添個人品味

Stretched ceiling world leader Barrisol® introduces the new Artolis® concept. Specifically designed to decorate and customise interiors, Artolis is a comprehensive range of printable fabrics up to 5 metres wide and over 50 metres long, free of any welding or seams. Fully customisable to deliver unique decorations, the Artolis acoustic range combined with digital printing can provide a technical, aesthetic solution for any indoor wall. Here is a long-awaited new product for the unlimited decoration of walls and ceilings.  ......>Read more

Oct 2013

Mexican Abalone are all Natural and Delicious
墨西哥鮑魚 美味無窮

Mexico has a very long coastline but abalone only grow in a very limited area along the west coast of the Baja California peninsula.

Abalone are highly valued and are one of the four treasures of Chinese cuisine. However, over-fishing and poaching have reduced wild populations to such an extent that they are now rare and expensive and most abalone consumed are now farmed. ......>Read more

Barrisol Mirror - Amazing Reflections
法國時尚天花板裝飾Barrisol Mirror 令人意想不到的反光效果

Hanging from the ceiling, Barrisol Mirror® canvass produces an interplay of reflections providing sharp or subtle touches of light and modernity in interior decoration.

The new Barrisol Mirror® range is an exclusive application of Barrisol® research and development, putting a final touch to the realm of products and finishes created by the world’s leader in stretched canvass. Boasting remarkable reflecting potential, this innovation is most surprising by the way in which it combines the reflective power of a mirror, the handling ability of canvass, and easy fitting. Designed to change a setting without changing the space, Barrisol Mirror® canvass will enhance and define spaces, multiplying small areas and providing designer chic to rooms where it is applied. ......>Read more

While China could previously make a choice between economic restructuring and maintaining growth, economic restructuring is now necessary to maintain growth, according to the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, which today launched the 13th annual edition of its primary lobbying document, the European Business in China Position Paper 2013/2014. ......>Read more

July 2013

Serac unveils Combox H2F, its new blow molding-filling-capping solution for the dairy market

The Serac Group unveils its new ultra-clean blow molding- filling- capping line at the Drinktec tradeshow. It is specifically designed for dairy bottles production below 12,000 bottles per hour. This innovation opens new perspectives for lower speed dairy products manufacturers, as they are able to blow mold bottles in house.  ......>Read more

June 2013

Financial performance and optimism is waning for European companies in China, but growth opportunities through reform are identified

Pressures from increasingly challenging market and economic conditions in China, which are exacerbated by a regulatory environment that continues to be demanding and at times discriminatory, have led to a clear downturn in profitability and revenue growth for European companies. While the outlook on profitability has declined to an all-time low, reforms to promote greater rule of law and fairer competition are clearly identified as major potential drivers to stimulate Chinese economic performance in the future. However, companies remain unsure as to whether China’s leaders have the appetite to seriously address these necessary economic reforms, according to the Business Confidence Survey 2013 released today by the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants.  ......>Read more

"Africa Day 2013" - Business and Tourism Forum
「2013 非洲日」商業及旅遊論壇

......>Read more

2013 February
The New Zealand Government is assuring all consumers that all New Zealand dairy products are safe recently.
Ministry for Primary Industries Director-General Wayne McNee says there has been some confusion about the suspension of a pasture treatment, DCD, in New Zealand and what this means for the safety of New Zealand milk products. ......>Read more

2013 Jan

French-based company UNOWHY has launched the English version of QOOQ, the first tablet computer that is made for the kitchen. The tablet is preloaded with 1,000 international multimedia recipes, ingredient fact sheets and useful meal-planning tools to help gastronomy lovers in the kitchen.

“We saw an opportunity to merge technology and content to create a richer and more tactile form of recipe preparation. The QOOQ tablet offers users interaction with top chefs and allows them to learn every nuance of their favourite dish, helping them improve their own talents, making life simpler in the kitchen”, explains Jean-Yves Hepp, inventor of QOOQ, President and Founder of UNOWHY.  ......>Read more

The new « all-in one » Heart Rate solution for iPhone

Runware, French designer of innovative accessories for iPhone, iPod and iPad and designer of Runalyzer heartrate monitor, announces the release of its new "all in one" Sports Pack combining a new chest strap, the IPhone / iPad / iPod touch receiver and an armband to practise sport with pleasure.

As we all know, sport is good for health. The conclusion of a recent survey published on, a popular healthcare French website, is eloquent: 2 hours of sport per week do improve the well-being and have beneficial effects on hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity, back pain, depression and life expectancy. However, one in two people do not know the benefits of physical practice. ......>Read more

LASELEC develops system to reduce wire waste in industry

LASELEC, a leader in the UV-laser industry, has designed a new wire-marking system that will reduce wire waste in industry, especially aerospace. The company has developed a method that uses ULYS Modena wire markers and an automatic feeding system to reduce waste from 1 metre to between 4 and 12 centimetres.

Each time production begins on a new type of wire, up to a metre is wasted, which can lead to substantial costs due to the price of aeronautical wire, for example.  ......>Read more

2012 Dec
At the occasion of its 3rd International Financial Forum in Hong Kong, Paris EUROPLACE - the organisation promoting the Paris financial centre – has presented its roadmap to contribute to the Renminbi (RMB) internationalisation and confirm the Paris position as a major European RMB hub.

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2012 Sept
Fresh from the success of its patented MULTI4® concept, Technomark is introducing 2 new lines of marking equipment in 2012:
• The fully modular third-generation MULTI4® product range
• The new Flexmark™ 2-in-1 concept: a hand-held model for marking massive, bulky parts, and a combo model (fixed + portable) for marking parts of all types. Flexmark™ has been specially designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. ......>Read more