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Argentina Wines



阿根廷地形多樣,既有連綿的山脈,也有高原和平原,境內的Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra del Fuego和Iguazu瀑布等均是世界著名天然勝景。阿根廷憑藉其天然美景、激情的探戈舞、豐厚的文化底蘊和獨特的傳統風俗習慣,成為人們嚮往的旅遊熱點。



目前,阿根廷的主要產酒區計有Cuyo、North和Patagonia。Cuyo位於阿根廷中部,當地的葡萄酒種植區多達三十九萬二千八百畝,區內的Mendoza是阿根廷最先進的酒類生產省之一,全國約百分之八十的酒類便是由該省生產。事實上,Mendoza還細分為北Mendoza、東Mendoza、Mendoza河區、Uco谷和南Mendoza等五個區。每個區處於的高度,緯度和土壤均有所不同,因此可生產各自獨特味道的葡萄酒。Cuyo區內的San Juan是阿根廷第二大葡萄酒生產省,省內的高度參差較大,Tulum谷的高度是1968呎,而El Pedernal 谷則高達3937呎。San Juan省的另一特點是氣候,該省是世界上最陽光充沛的地方之一,全年的陰天平均不會超過三十日,而且是日熱夜冷,因而使當地產的葡萄酒特別具果味和香馥。位於阿根廷北部的North區,區內的Catamarca、Salta和La Rioja省都有生產葡萄酒,Catamarca省內地形主要是山脈、死火山和山谷,生產廠規模較細,但有獨自風格的品味;而Salta省則是具傳統文化的地區,該省擁有全球最高的葡萄園,高度約有一萬呎,當地產的Torrontes白酒便非常著名。至於La Rioja亦是著名的產酒省,當地氣候較為乾燥,專門生產高質素的品牌餐酒。Patagonia區內的Rio Negro和Neuguen省都盛產葡酒。Rio Negro屬大陸性氣候,其葡萄酒具芬芳氣味,而Neuguen省土地肥沃,當地的葡萄園逾三千七百六十畝,其紅酒的顏色較深且果味較重。

阿國葡酒 銷量遞升

日前,Wines of Argentina 總經理Mario Giordano訪港,向香港業界及新聞媒體介紹阿根廷酒類的近況。他指出,近幾年來,阿根廷葡酒在國內及國際市場的銷量遞升,原因是一、本國有龐大的內需市場;二、阿國葡酒品種多樣,價格若與其他國家同質量的葡酒相比是中等價錢,具競爭力;三、宣傳推廣見成效。現時阿根廷葡酒在美國、加拿大、英國、俄羅斯、巴西及拉丁美州擁有一定的市場佔有率。自一九九八年起,Wines of Argentina均有參加在美國舉行的酒類博覽會,今年二月已是第四度參展。二零零九年,阿根廷葡酒在美國便非常成功,回想十年前,我們在美國的市場佔有率只有百分之一,時至今日已高達百分之十。



Mr. Alfredo Mario Rescic, Consul General of Argentina in Hong Kong (left) and Mr. Mario Giordano, General Manager of Wines of Argentina
Argentina has developed a unique wine making industry
Located in the Southern Cone of the American Continent, with a population of 38 million inhabitants and a territory that is four times larger than France, Argentina is one of the world’s ecological reserves. High mountains and plains, lush vegetation and extreme deserts, forests and steppes, glaciers and water falls: Argentina has it all.
The vast winemaking region is a strip of land located to the West of the country, at the foot of the Andes range, that stretches from latitude 22° South to latitude 42° South. The cultivated area covers more than 228,575 hectares.
In this context Argentina has developed a unique winemaking industry. The altitude, the wide range of temperatures, the local know-how, the new technologies and a deeply-rooted popular wine culture lend our wines unique identity and quality.
Altitude, as it generates microclimates and varied terroirs, is a factor that distinguishes Argentina from the rest of the world and translates into outstanding expression and diversity in our wines.
The fruit in our wines is unique. As our ‘high valleys’ are far from the oceans, Argentina is one of the few continental winemaking areas in the world.
Argentina grows quality vineyards in large areas. In its large territory different terroirs develop as a result of the combination of diverse altitudes and latitudes, of the variability in soils and precipitation, and of the presence of the Andes Range.
The low organic matter content of the soils near the Andes Range leads to restricted vine growth and to the natural development of premium grapes with genuinely distinctive flavors.
Good climatic conditions allow growers to maintain vineyards almost naturally with almost no fitosanitary treatment. Due to the dryness of the climate, it is extremely easy to produce organic wines.
Few winemaking industries in the world can enjoy the exceptional water quality found in our mountain valleys, where there is no contaminating activity that could detract from the quality of this vital resource.
Argentina has a rich wine culture that has its roots in the traditions of the European immigrants that settled the country. The combination of our Spanish, Italian, French and native heritage has nurtured several generations of exceptionally intelligent, sensitive, and creative vinegrowers and winemakers.
Though originally from Southwest France, this red variety is better suited to Argentine soil than to any other. In Argentina Malbec found ideal environmental conditions for its development and gives origin to exceptional wines. Indeed, Argentina is internationally acclaimed as the producer of the most sophisticated Malbecs, particularly those from Mendoza, which are considered to be the best in the world.
Argentina is the only country in the world that produces Torrontes. It owes its prestige to the outstanding quality of the vineyards in the Cafayate Valley, in the province of Salta. Due to its special microclimate, that region has achieved outstanding vineyard development and produces fruity, tasty wines that linger in the mouth and in your memory.
Argentina Brief Introduction
Argentina is located in the southernmost point of South America. With an area of 2,791,810 km2, it is the second largest country in South America, and the eighth in the world. At present, Argentina’s population grows to more than 38 million inhabitants.
It is home to exceptional natural beauty as it covers a very diverse territory of mountains, plateaus and plains. The Perito Moreno Glacier, Tierra del Fuego and the Iguazu Falls are among the natural wonders that we can enjoy in Argentina.
Besides its majestic scenery, Argentina is also the cradle of tango, which together with its history and the regional customs and popular traditions, are expressions of the great cultural richness of this country.
Argentine economy originally relied on an agricultural and livestock export model, which was prevalent from colonial times to the first decades of the twentieth century. Agriculture constitutes one of the most important economic activities in Argentina, followed by beef cattle production, mining, energy, industries, fishing, among others.
Today Argentina is among the top wine producing countries in the world, together with France, Italy, Spain and the United States. It has seven grapegrowing regions spreading from north to south, with different latitudes, altitudes and soils, which produce the most prestigious Malbec and Torrontes to be found in the international market.

Wines of Argentina introduction
Wines of Argentina is an organization that brings together more than 200 wineries from every Argentine wine region, whose exports account for almost 95% of the country’s total wine exports.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship, Exportar and Pro Mendoza Foundations, the National Tourist Board, Marca País (Argentina’s c ountry brand project team), the Federal Council of Investment and the Argentine Wine Corporation (COVIAR) are some of the organizations that support the activities of Wines of Argentina.
The vision: to consolidate Argentina’s position among the leading non-traditional wine exporting countries of the New World.
The mission: to contribute to the global success of the Argentine wine industry by developing the brand Vino Argentino and enhancing its positive image in the wine trade, among opinion leaders and consumers.
The currently provide services to member wineries from every Argentine wine region (from Salta to Patagonia, including Buenos Aires) and help them promote their products around the world.
Some of the activities they have organized in pursuit of our goals include:
• fairs, tours and other activities abroad
• wine tastings organized by Wines of Argentina, including tours around the United States, Latin America, Asia, Europe and Canada
• reverse missions: they invite prestigious journalists and celebrities connected to the wine industry to visit their country, its wine regions and wineries.
ARGENTINA, a Wine Country:
-  5th world’s largest wine producer
-  1.375 mill lts. produced in 2010
-  1,341 Wineries
-  7th world´s largest wine exporter:    230.667 hectoliters in 2010
-  8th world´s largest wine consumer: 8 gallons consumption per capita in 2009 (775,180.20 hectoliters in total)
-  9th in Cultivated Surface: 228,575 ha
2.592 million tons (70% vinified)
Argentina Wine Awards
Argentina Wine Awards (AWA) is the most important Argentine competition for export wines, bringing together the most prestigious experts in the world. Every year this competition brings international attention to Argentine wines.
Organized by Wines of Argentina and COVIAR (Argentine Wine Corporation), AWA is an important event that gives local wineries the chance to show off Argentina’s high quality wines to the world.
Held yearly since 2007, its aim is to promote Argentine wine exports in key markets such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. An international panel of judges from those countries is brought together to evaluate the competing wines and participate in the “Successful Wines and Styles” seminar.
The event consists of three activities taking place over the course of four days: a blind tasting session of Argentine wines by a world-renowned panel of judges; a seminar where judges evaluate the quality of successful wines sold in each key market and make recommendations to participants; and an awards ceremony and cocktail reception where top wine-industry personalities meet to honor the award-winning wineries.
Masters of Wine, commentators, journalists and Master Sommeliers are invited every year to be part of the panel. Jancis Robinson, Oz Clark, Andrea Robinson, Tim Atkin, Peter McCombie, Madeleine Stenwreth and Dirceau Junior Vianna are some of the personalities who have participated in previous AWA events. Wines of Argentina has organized this competition in order to promote Argentine wines around the world and help award-winning wines attain international prestige.