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Chinaplas 2011

French Exhibitors will show their latest innovations on Chinaplas 2011
UBIFRANCE, the French agency for International business development, organizes a French pavilion on Chinaplas which will take place in Guangzhou from 17th to 20thof May 2011.

In 2010, Chinaplas (at Shanghai), the most important Asian exhibition related to plastics, had reached its best figures. No less than 81 000 visitors from 136 countries had met more than 2 000 exhibitors.
Guangdong province is one of the 3 biggest plastic regions of China, with 23% of the national production but also 50% of the plastic production for the industry.

For these reasons, organizers are confident, both for visitors and exhibitors, on the big success of the next Chinaplas show based in Guangzhou.

The 17 French companies gathered into the French pavilion, will give a very interesting presentation of the French expertise and will look for commercial and industrial “win-win partnerships”.
Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them on booth E45 hall N°9.2 !

AcXys Technologies design, manufacture and sell surface treatment equipments using atmospheric plasma technology. Our products offer a wide range of solutions for industrial customers as well as research labs. Targeted applications are materials activation before bonding,printing, painting; Organic materials cleaning on surfaces; Thin film coating using CVD process: gas barrier, hydrophoby, anti-erosion, optical layer. All materials and all shapes can be treated: plastics, metals, fabrics, glass.

Web site:

C2P specializes in the production of recycled polypropylene compounds of high quality, especially used in automotive and building applications.
Thanks to a grinding dedicated workshop, with high-performance equipment, the company controls its supplies and also markets crushed products as PE, ABS, PC, PA, POM.


celduc® relais is a French company, with 45 years of expertise in the electronic field.
It is well known for its large range of power solid state relays (SSR) :
- single phase relays (up to 125A),
- two phase relays,
- three phase relays, and,
- intelligent relays as : proportional controllers (phase angle or full wave pulse controller) ; motor
controller (reversers, soft-starters), specially developed for heating application and which solve a lot of switching problems.
celduc® relais supplies numerous well known plastic machine producers all around the world.


Corelco, extrusion lines manufacturer since 1983 for the production of plastic corrugated pipe & netting.
Our line for tube are dedicated to building electrical industry, civil works (double wall pipe), automotive industry (fuel lines), sanitary industry (pre-sheathing pipe) medical industry (breathing tube). Our range of machines goes from Ø4 to 250 mm.
Our netting lines can produce non-oriented (mosquito),mono-oriented (safety fence) & bi-oriented (agriculture nets) meshes. Max width 2500 mm.


ESOPP has at its disposal a complete set of exceptional skills, thanks to the design and execution of more than 100 production lines for the manufacture of biaxially oriented BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, BOPE films used for packaging of goods products, or technical applications.
ESOPP offers standard lines, having the highest level of performances, as well as patented equipment allowing significant energy saving during production and a better protection of the environment.
The manufacture of the equipment involves the most advanced technique and a very specialized network of partners.
Francem designs, manufactures and markets mainly cellular and solid profiles for the automobile industry, household domestic appliances and the construction industry. Today, through the equipment, our company is involved in projects about 80% of manufacturers, and nearly half of
its sales to export markets (Europe, USA, South America, China and Australia).
We can offer you extrusions at competitive prices and with short deadlines, prototypes within 10 to 15 days…

Website :

GPI is a French manufacturer, specialized in adhesive tape manufacturing and converting (adhesive single sided / double sided) :
• Double-sided adhesive foam tape • Double-sided adhesive nonwoven tape
• Double-sided adhesive plastic filmic tape (PET PP PVC) • Adhesive scrim tape
• Double-sided adhesive cloth tape • Adhesive Transfer tape


The French company Interep–Socatex will showcase its portfolio of closed cell expanded rubber, which the company offers in blocks, sheets, rolls, and profiles. The block range includes rubber foams based on EPDM, CR (neoprene), NR (natural rubber), SBR, EVM, and NBR. Density varies from 60 – 500 kg/m3.The profile range is focused on soft neoprene sponge rubber cords (diameter from 2 – 25 mm) and tubes, as well as special profiles of drawing. New this year are the EPDM sponge rubbers without sulphur (qualities 91-42 and 95-2). They are ideal materials to die-cut gaskets, seals and cushions in the automotive,
lighting and electronic industries, according to the company. Zero sulphur content allows to eliminate the risk of corrosion by contact or emission with – in particular – silver components.


HP SYSTEMS is a company specialized in the design and the realization of hydraulic cylinders.
Leader in our field, present all over the world through a network of subsidiary companies and distributors (as in China, Portugal, Poland, Slovakia or Brazil).
We manufacture our products mainly for the mould’s industry, but we also develop for other branches of industry some special cylinders.
The skills of our know-how and our industrial tool enable us to offer to our customers the keen prices as well as delivery periods very short.


PLASTISUD is a global market leader in high performance, high cavitation’s injection moldmaking solutions. From part design to production at customer plant, we provide the solution including caps and closure, medical, thin wall and IML application.
PLASTISUD is the first moldmaker to commercialize a 144 cav. mold for lightweight water cap 29-25, running in production at under 3.0 s cycle time.
For Medical applications we are world leader for Petri Dish stack molds.We ran a 8+8-cav stack mold at under 4.0 s during K’2010.
PLASTISUD will “make your project a success” and provide you a turn-key solution.


The French company POLIMIROIR is specialized in the design, manufacture and refurbishment of rollers for the Plastic Industry, particularly cross-flow rollers used in various types of production lines including bioriented lines, cast, calendering or laminating lines.
Polimiroir has developed technologies for the internal construction of rollers which ensure an optimal heat transfer to or from the material under production. Our production equipment enables us to machine rollers up to 2,95m diameter and 12m length, with the highest quality of surface finish.


SAT: Designer and manufacturer of customized industrial heating equipments up to 650°C by forced air convection since 1953. Development of rotomoulding and slush-moulding plants dedicated to the transformation of plastic parts and dashboards for the automotive industry.


SIMPOE SAS, headquartered in Torcy, France, is a French software developer specializing in plastic injection molding simulation solutions.
SIMPOE software allow significant costs savings of physical mold prototypes, material cost optimization as well as a drastic reduction of the time to market of new products. Easy to use, easy to learn and affordable, SIMPOE software are targeted to the mold specialist as well as to the mechanical Engineer who, in a collaborative product development approach, wants to take into account plastic parts manufacturing constraints early in the product design stage. SIMPOE is THE missing link to implement a true Collaborative Product Development policy in the plastic industry.
SIMPOE softwares are available in several languages through a worldwide network of specialized Value Added Resellers.


Established in 1971, based in Oyonnax (One hour from Lyon and Geneva, Switzerland), located in the so-called French "Plastic Vallée", SISE designs, manufactures and sales a whole range of products mainly dedicated to the injection molding plastics industry.
SISE family of products is arranged in comprehensive ranges among them the mains are: Hot runner control systems, Valve Gate Control systems, Water and Oil Mould Temperature controllers, Production Monitoring systems.

Web site:

SPIROFLUX is a manufacturer specialized in materials’ flow management (granule, grinded or powder). We offer a wide range of storage, transfer, mixing, dosing, drying and dehumidifying equipments for the plastic, chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry.
Our long experience allows us to provide you with the best solution adapted to your industrial problems at the best quality / price ratio.



2010年,在上海舉辦的國際橡塑展,是亞洲最大的塑料工業交易會,它創下了新的記錄。在展會上,至少有來自136個國家的81000名參觀者與超過 2000個參展商會面。廣東省是中國三個最大的塑膠生產地區之一,它占了國家塑膠生產總值的23%,其中50%為工業塑膠產品。


請不要錯過此機會,來臨N° 9.2展廳的E45展位參觀。


AcXys Technologies 艾克斯科技公司設計, 生產,銷售大氣等離子表面處理設備。我們的產品可以滿足各種工業化生產或科學研究 的需要。 其主要應用領域涉及在粘合, 印刷, 噴塗前的表面處理,有機材料的表面清洗;薄膜塗層採用CVD工藝:具備氣體阻隔,疏水性,抗腐蝕性,光層等特性。我 們的設備可以處理各種類別和形狀的材料,如:塑膠,金屬,織物,玻璃等。

C2P 公司專業生產主要用於汽車製造,建築行業的高品質可迴圈聚丙烯複合材料。公司配備專業的粉碎車間,可供應銷售PE,ABS,PC, PA, POM粉碎料。

法國賽德繼電器是一家有著45年曆史的法國公司,以其完整的固態繼電器 (SSR)系列而聞名:
- 單相繼電器(可達125安)
- 二相繼電器
- 三相繼電器
- 智慧繼電器: 比例控制器 (相位角或全波脈動控制器) ;馬達控制(反相開關, 軟啟動器),特別為調節加熱系統而研製,提供一系列開關解決方案。

我們的管道生產適用于建築電器工業, 公用工程(雙壁管),汽車工業(燃油管),衛生行業(防護性套管),醫療行業(呼吸管)。 我們的機器生產範圍可從直徑4毫米至250毫米。
我們的網線生產有不同選擇,如:無向型(紗窗),單向型(安全護欄) 和雙向拉伸型(農用網)的網格。最大寬度可達2500毫米。

ESOPP通過100多條用於產品包裝和技術支援的BOPP,BOPET,BOPA,BOPS,以及BOPE雙向拉伸薄 膜的設計和應用,ESOPP公司掌握了一整套的完善技術。

Francem公司設計、 製造並銷售用於汽車工業、 家用電器和建築業為主的多孔實心型材。目前、 通過與零部件廠家的合作、 我們公司參與了大約80%的設備製造商的專案、 我們約有一半的營業額來自出口 (歐洲、 美國、 韓國、 南美、 中國和澳大利亞)。我們會為您提供一個更具競爭力的產品價格以及更短的供貨週期、 標準件工期為在10到15天內。

GPI集團是法國製造商,專門從事專用技術膠帶的研發及製造 (包括單面膠及雙面膠):
• 泡棉雙面膠• 無紡布雙面膠• 聚酯薄膜雙面膠
• 網狀纖維膠帶• 雙面布膠帶• 無基材膠帶

Interep公司創辦于1929年是當時世界上第一批生產多孔橡膠件的廠商之一。我們的橡膠產品擁有多種特性 (柔韌性,伸縮性,密封防水性,隔音隔熱,熱能的吸收,緩衝減振,防火 … ),因此它們廣泛應用於不同的領域: 汽車工業 (車燈密封圈、空調、儀錶盤 … )軌道交通行業(軌道橡膠墊)體育運動用品行業(防護服) 包裝行業 (水準和滾動彈射)。

Socatex法國公司擁有不同的產品系列,如: 塊狀、 片狀、 卷狀、 剖面展示其閉孔彈性橡膠泡棉。塊狀產品系列包括EPDM三元乙丙橡膠,橡膠泡棉CR (氯丁橡膠),NR (天然橡膠)、丁苯橡膠、EVM和NBR丁腈橡膠。密度範圍可從60 m3到500 公斤/kg/m3。剖面產品系列以氯丁海綿橡膠軟線 (直徑從2毫米至25毫米) 為主要產品。今年的新產品是無硫的EPDM三元乙丙橡膠 (91-42和95-_2品質) 。它們是理想的密封圈、汽車靠墊、照明和電子工業的材料。這款零硫含量的產品可以消除由於接觸其他零件,尤其是銀器類零件而造成的被腐蝕的風險。

HPS公司是一家專業的油缸設計和製造廠商。本公司在業內處於領先地位在世界範圍內擁有一個由子公司和代理商組成的行銷網路 (如: 中國,葡萄牙,波蘭,斯洛伐克以及巴西)。
我們的產品主要運用於模具行業、 但是我們同時也針對其他領域開發特殊的油缸。

PLASTISUD是一家全球領先的高速,高腔位模具製造商。在其超過45年的經驗中為客戶提供包括飲料瓶蓋、 醫療、 薄壁包裝、 模內貼標等應用從產品設計優化、 到最終客戶工廠的正式生產的全方位解決方案。
在瓶蓋應用方面,PLASTISUD是全球首家將29/25礦泉水蓋推向市場並投入商業運用,目前全球最高的144腔模在客戶工廠生產1.4克29/25瓶蓋週期僅為2.8秒。在醫療應用方面我們的8 + 8的培養皿系統其生產週期僅為3 6秒。PLASTISUD為確保我們客戶專案的成功。為我們的客戶提供交鑰匙的解決方案。

Pole d'Excellence Plasturgie (卓越塑膠)
是一家專業協會,其宗旨是協助企業完成其專案 ;在實驗室、培訓機構和企業之間建立聯繫,以創造企業之間的互動。
北加萊海峽的市場機會廣泛多樣, 特別是在運輸,包裝和建築行業。

法國珀力彌瓦公司專業設計、製造和維修塑膠行業各類輥筒,尤其是各種交錯流 道輥用於如雙向拉伸生產線,流延生產線,壓延生產線,多層擠出複合線等各類生產 線。
珀力彌瓦開發出輥內部構造多項技術,確保所產塑膠產品的冷卻與加熱過程中熱 傳導高度均勻。我們的設施使我們可加工擁有高端輥面品質, 直徑達2.95米,長 度達12米的各類輥筒。

SAT: 1953年起從事熱能設備設計、製造,產品最高溫度可達650 ° C。研發了用於生產塑膠加工件、汽車儀錶板的滾塑機、搪塑機。

SIMPOE SAS, 總部駐於法國托爾西、 是一家專業塑膠射出成型類比解決方案開發商。
SIMPOE軟體大大降低了塑膠射出及模具設計與製造的成本、 同時也大量節省了新產品入市的時間。簡單易學、易使用以及合理的價格、 SIMPOE的產品不僅針對專業模具設計者、 同時對於在協同式產品開發過程中、 需要考慮產品設計階段初期塑膠部件的生產限制的機械工程師來說、 SIMPOE都是真正落實塑膠行業協同式產品開發政策中不可或缺的一環。SIMPOE通過一個強大的國際化增值分銷商網路向全球發售多語言環境的SIMPOE軟體。

SISE公司於1971年在瓦約納成立 (在里昂和日內瓦之間)。瓦約納又稱法國的"塑膠之鄉"。SISE公司致力於溫度和控制系統的工藝設計主要應用於注塑工業。
車間管理 Cyclades

SPIROFLUX公司是一家專業的原料(研磨或粉化粒化)輸送控制系統製造商。我們提供應用於塑膠、 化工、 食品、 化妝品和製藥工業等不同領域的儲存、 混合傳送、 攪拌、 配量、 乾燥、 除濕設備。